Issue 57

Fall/Winter 2023-2024

Poetry by:

Joan Kwon Glass, Cassandra Whitaker, Rita Mookerjee, Seth Leeper, Sarah Fawn Montgomery, Leticia Priebe Rocha, Bee Morris, Beth Oast Williams, Javier Sandoval, Darren C. Demaree, Mary Buchinger, Anna Laura Reeve, and many more.


“Americanos” by A.J. Rodriguez
2023 Fiction Contest Runner-Up

“Cicada Song” by Sue McMillan

“Come Tomorrow” by Nina Sudahakar
2023 Fiction Contest Winner

“Optimize Optical” by Kasia Merrill

“Red on Yellow” by Steph Grossman

“The Graveyard, the Garden” by Ashlee Lhamon

Creative Nonfiction:

“Date Me: A Memoir” by Andrea Gregory

“Keepsakes” by Laura McPherson

“The Plague of Frogs” by Julie Marie Wade


Portfolio by Shane Allison

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Salamander Fiction Contest 2023 Results

Winner “Come Tomorrow” by Nina Sudhakar From judge Kirstin Valdez Quade: When a young photographer’s scooter breaks down in a remote village near her grandmother’s city, she finds the village…

Salamander Fiction Contest 2022 Results

Winner "The Other Osama," by Hassaan Mirza Second Place   "Good New Teeth," by Mark Doyle Finalists "Driftwood," by Josie Tolin "Flame Jumps the Gap," by Matthew Gordon "Inheritance," by…