Issue 56

Cover Art: “La Fantasía de Flatonia” by Jacinto Guevara

Issue #56 Contributors

Issue 56 - Current

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Haley Winans When Earth Downloads Tinder
Brett Shaw Letter from Future Haunts
Chelsea Dingman Aubade with the Sound of Falling
Aaron Caycedo-Kimura Takeout
Sebastian Merrill to the girl who once was me
Gender Diagram VI
Jen Jabaily-Blackburn Callisto & the mad honey
Callisto disambiguation
Toni Artuso Give and You Shall Receive
Angie Macri Preservative
Adam J. Gellings Rust
Xiaoly Li The Story of My Sky
Shlagha Borah Red Sky
Millicent Borges Accardi The Architecture We Were Born Into
Aysha Mahmood To my mother, as she ages,
David P. Miller My Idle Body
Don Clermont Flamingo heights
Kathy Nilsson Spring
In Maine
Jose Hernandez Diaz Fresh Flowers
Remi Recchia Triptych: To the People I Never Hit Drunk-Driving
Tina Gross Conference Apocalypse
B Rivka Clifton To Swallow the River that Spews from the Mouth
The Tape-Recorder
Amy Spade Turning Toward
Paula Colangelo The Face of a New Storm
Tory V. Pearman Breaking Home
Martha Silano Today
Bryce Berkowitz When I Think Back in Gapped Couplets
Sascha Cohen legs, legs, legs!
John T. Howard Les Trois Crânes (Oil on Canvas, Paul Cezanne, c.1898)
Nature Morte au Crâne (Oil on Canvas, Paul Cezanne, 1898)
Shranup Tandukar The fermented words inside us
Monica Wang His father goes out looking for a mink or pine marten
Brent Ameneyro Girl with Lilies Knockoff
Ashley Hajimirsadeghi Original Sin
Megan Snyder-Camp The lake thinks up its shore
Milica Mijatović Flight, dream
Ricardo Pau-Llosa Orfeo, orisha
Faiz Ahmad Hauz Khas
José Antonio Rodríguez Bleat
Sneha Subramanian Kanta Un-Elegy, or Written Fifty-Six Steps above Montmartre
Ali Nasir Eveningsong
Ellen Austin-Li The Ghost of The Yum-Yum
Megan Gannon Dispatch from Your Fourth Month
Terena Elizabeth Bell Gone
Sihle Ntuli Conditioning
Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Bethany Jarmul Gardening on Our Last Day on Earth
Abigail Chang Summer Fresh / Fresh Summer
Suphil Lee Park Split
The Saying Goes
Hannah Smith Valley and Lowland
Measured by the Gallon
Rodrigo Toscano Englisc
Barbara Boches Highland Cattle
Upstairs, we three
Owen McLeod Poem in the Place Where a Love Poem Should Be
Tyler Kline Hiking with My Father, I Explain Gender Is a Social Construct
Leanne Ma Guilty Parties
Alyson Mosquera Dutemple After Steady Work Dries Up, the Aging B-Movie Queen Reconsiders Fright Night
John William McConnell Scrambleface
Benjamin Van Voorhis Patience
William Woolfitt Velvet Knob
Lindsay Starck Fata Morgana
Creative Nonfiction
Martha K. Petersen Salt River Canyon
Zach Semel Must-See Spots in Boston, MA
Kathy Davis Tree Fail
Joseph Dante If Men Had Wings
Art Portfolio
Jacinto Guevara Portfolio
Layla Benitez-James Kaleidoscope of the Uncanny: Dereliction by Gabrielle Octavia Rucker
Nichole LeFebvre Living Out of Time: Flux by Jinwoo Chong
Sebastian Stockman Survival Tactics: open pit by Jose Antonio Villarán

Spring/Summer 2023

Issue 56 Contributors