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Salamander Magazine Iss 54 Cover: "The Sweet Taste of Victory" by Wes Holloway

Cover: “The Sweet Taste of Victory” by Wes Holloway

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Akhim Yuseff Cabey Bless You, Nina Simone
Ruth Williams Balanced Bite
Stephanie Kaylor Leaving Graham Ave
Kelly Weber Blood Firsts
Snake-Jawed Epithalamium
Yvanna Vien Tica ESL Lessons
Lauren Paredes The Prayer of Puer Aeternus
Alexis Ivy Differentiation
Keith Leonard Two Statements of Teaching Philosophy
"The standards call for a lesson"
"Only certain things seem to stick"
Brian Simoneau The Wind Makes an Offer of Salvation
John Sibley Williams sky burial
Connie Pan Self-Portrait as Green Onion
Robbie Gamble Bravado
J.P. White In Praise of Failure in My Seventh Decade
Tran Tran Where are you from?
Mulan (1998)
Jane Zwart Death Drive
Meg Eden carrion girl
Omen for Moving Too Fast
Hollie Dugas Flannery O'Connor's Singles Ad
JC Talamantez Sturgeon in the Land of the Nautilus
Petals in Dust
Julia Edwards Cathexis Blues
Mag Gabbert Crack
Staci Halt Low Tide
Jeanette Beebe Convincing
Lisa Grove Origins
Luiza Flynn-Goodlett Aubade for Every Broken Thing, Union City, TN
Rebecca Macijeski Fiddle
Amy M. Alvarez Gloria, In Excelsis
Lauren Tess The Other Lauren
Mel McCuin From Bird to Barn Swallow
On Writing (after Years of Doing Anything Else)
Sherrel McLafferty Metaphors
Kassy Lee Alone in the Beinecke with Langston Hughes
Impression, Jardin des Tuileries
Ann Hudson Red Geraniums
by Alan Lomax
Ally Chua Lunar Cycle
Eliza Browning Fieldscape
Rites of Passage
Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick You Had a Sibling, Briefly
We Drink to the Unsayable
Ojo Taiye All Our Lives
Maria Castro Dominguez Memory of Water
Benjamin Voigt Little Song
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán Illumination
Invoke: an inflorescent incantation
Matthew Thorburn White Irises
One More Chorus
Anthony Borruso In Defense of Voice-over
Dion O'Reilly Plenty
Luke Patterson Man Eaters
M. Cynthia Cheung Occurrence of a Dream Translated by Animals
Emily Hockaday Name This Body
Clara Burghelea Language, first and last
Alina Stefanescu Two Years after Our Dog, Pinka, Got Hit by a Car on Halloween and Died Before Our Eyes as the Kids Howled in Ghost Costumes on the Front Lawn
Rita Feinstein Litany at 92 Pounds
Pastoral with Crohn's Disease
Brooke Harries Paleontology
Jack Powers Tough Love
Matthew Tuckner The Grandfather Clock
Melissa Ginsburg Development
Bergita Bugarija Powder
Megan Peck Shub One Fight after Another
Anita Trimbur The baby was perfect and
Jade Song Eulogy for Bao Bayun
Julialicia Case The Storming of Forestswarm
Creative Nonfiction
Rochelle Hurt Suzanne Duchamp-Crotti – Ariette d’oubli de la chapelle étourdie (1920)
Frida Kahlo – Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair (1940)
aureleo sans the fury
Art Portfolio
Wes Holloway Paintings
Barrett Bowlin Nirvana, an End to Suffering: Dear Damage: Essays by Ashley Marie Farmer
Gina Isabel Rodriguez Rally Your Humor and Your Rage: Shit Cassandra Saw by Gwen E. Kirby
Sarah Carey Translating the Language of Terror: By the Bridge or By the River? by Amy C. Roma

Spring/Summer 2022

Issue 54 Contributors
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