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Cover: “Begin Again” by Shannon Miguela Dillon

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Cortney Lamar Charleston It's Important I Remember That I Can Never Wash 
My Hands Enough—
It's Important I Remember That There Are Several Ways
to Kill Houseplants—
Jose Hernandez Diaz The Last Time I Cried
Sara Moore Wagner Contradictory Images in the Same Composition
Resurrection of Mother and Child
Kim Garcia Vigil in Threes
True Me
Esteban Rodríguez 40 El alacrán 
Priscilla Wathington progeny
As sons stand in line
Anna Bernstein A Tree Fell on the House During Plague-Time
Alixen Pham The Burden of Translation
Ananda Lima Rapunzel
Architecture Tour
João Luís Barreto Guimarães,
tr. by Antonio Ladeira
The growth of time
Romana Iorga God's Dollhouse
Joshua Coben What a Son Owes His Father
Jules Lattimer Reading Hass
Jeffrey Perkins Diet
Natasha Sajé The Root of All
Anney Bolgiano The Driveway
Charles Douthat 1963
Sherine Gilmour I Like the Serial Killer Shows the Best
Kate Kearns Over Breakfast
Jennifer Schomburg Kanke Step
How Some Children Played at Slaughtering
Geula Geurts Dream with Whale
Beate Sigriddaughter Questions
Jane Craven Hummingbirds
Ibe Liebenberg Origin Story
63 Skylark
Stephanie Burt Love Poem With a Roll On Its Side
Spencer Riggi agnosia
Ricky Ray Why I Learned to Do Drugs Responsibly
Bridget Bell Pressure
Kelly Rowe I Inherit an Apron
JD Debris Three Poems from "Chalino Sánchez: A Sequence":
[one for adán]
Rochelle Robinson-Dukes Aubade to Southern Black Superstitions, Burning Hair,
and Being Good
Maria Zoccola every hollow of the world
Will Russo Once
Donna Vorreyer Fragments Approaching Sixty
Danae Younge The lifespan of a bee
Emma DePanise The smallest of songs
Natalka Bilotserkivets, tr. by
Ali Kinsella and Dzvinia Orlowsky
A Shell Like an Ear
Li Bai, tr. by Yun Wang For Someone Faraway
Drinking Alone
Magpie Miller Her Only Portrait
John McCarthy Our Once Content Father Explains His Failure to Organize
Sean Cho A. Shifts: Temporal/Tense Poem
Sarah Marquez Confessional Poetry
What Knowing You Teaches Me
Erica Wright Residual Storm Surge
Nicole Callihan To Get to the Other Side
A Fog
Alyssa Jewell Against Cultivar
Chloe Martinez I Ask the Questions Around Here
Nancy Carol Moody the day the tumor began (1)
the day the tumor began (2)
Angie Macri Particle, Little Part
Erin Bealmear Life as a Mirror
Leila Chatti Night Poem
I Dreamed I Forgot
Night Poem
Anemone Beaulier
Leah Umansky Narrative
Luis Alberto de Cuenca,
tr. by Gustavo Pérez Firmat
About Everything, with Everything / Con todo y sobre todo
Jake Maynard The Anthropologist Problem
Allison Bulger Freddy's Vacation
William Torrey Disgrace
Emily Alice Katz Cat Trap
Creative Nonfiction
Andy Smart Shots Fired
Nicole Oquendo that snip
Art Portfolio
Shannon Miguela Dillon Paintings
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs On Coming of Age: An Incomplete List of Names by Michael Torres
Leslie-Ann Murray For the Living and the Dead: Funeral Diva by Pamela Sneed
Daniel E. Pritchard Context and Culture: Breathing Technique by Marija Knežević
Rishi Reddi Negotiation With Life: Minus One by Doris Iarovici

Spring/Summer 2021

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