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Cover: “Seclusion” by Angela N. Weddle

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Michael Bazzett My friend, America
The Costume Shop
Juan J. Morales El Chupacabra Visits Chicago
The House of Bees
Martha Silano Did I mention
Matthew J. Spireng Jacker
Morning Glories, Late Autumn
Lisa Fleck Dondiego One Shot
At the Church
Eric Roy Pacific
Robert Hedin Sloughs
Suphil Lee Park On a Scale of Nothing to All
Mia DiFelice inheritance
C.C. Reid After Apple-Picking
Jayne Benjulian Constellation
Susie Meserve In the So-Called Open Sea
Jennifer Jean Evolution
Tony Trigilio That morning, a terrified phone call
Natalie Shapero Unsink
Patrick Kindig halloween poem
Michael Chang electric lemon
Despy Boutris November Pastoral
Andrew Hemmert November Theory
Meaghan Quinn Winter on Cape Cod
Ruth Bardon Jigsaw
Deborah Allbritain Dermatillomania
Heather Cook When the Rabbits Come
Dawn Potter Milk Gap
J.C. Talamantez Streetside San Antonio
Alley Cat
Ann Lauinger The Gift
Martin Vest All In
Jeff McRae Musicians in Breughel's "The Peasant Wedding"
Gracie Greenbaum Rescue Me
Michele Sharpe She Who Eats Everything
Eric Tran Intervention
Aurora Lee Shimshak new year's diagnosis
Ashley Wagner A Morning Triptych After an Unexpected Snowstorm & Soleimani's Assassination
Rachel Hinton Bad Yard
B.M. Owens The woman behind me in the Target check-out line
Where Words are Buried When Worlds Keep Moving
Renee Emerson Family Therapy
Elizabeth Rees At Grief's House
John Gallaher The Book of Names (Architecture 103)
Yesterday as Metaphor, Today as Reasoned Disbelief
Jayne Marek Night Chorus
Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton Oodemas laysanensis
Kathleen Heil You do you
You asked me
Paula Abramo, tr. by
Dick Cluster Same River. Bolivian Chaco, 1945.
Gabriel Fine Error in Time
Tiffany Hsieh Teenage You
Connie Pan Interstates
Adeeko Ibukun Time Work
Artress Bethany White Up from Slavery
Kasey Jueds Inverting the Winter
A Brief History of Silk

Zoë Ryder White

That Bird
March Coming In
Christopher Citro Let Go Inside Let It Out
James K. Zimmerman First Marriage
Barbara Duffey Conditions Good
"Gunnison" Cultivar
Sandra Kohler Nebula
David Dodd Lee They Reappear in Some Vanished Summer
Charles O. Hartman Rescue
Brooke Schifano I dream that I give birth
Erica Charis-Molling Why I didn't "always know" my [sex]ual orientation
Kimberly Ann Priest Elegy for My Daughter Who Has Never Known a Paradise
I Wanted to Be a Boy

Marie Baléo

A Fountain
Rebecca Morgan Frank

Vírgen Abridera de Allariz, 13th Century

The Favor
Suzanne Swanson July 11
Genevieve Pfeiffer August
Linda Bamber Smokestack
Jason Tandon Birds Again
T. Dallas Saylor We'll Play to an Empty Room, Eli Tells Us
Jinwoo Chong,
2020 Fiction Contest First Prize The Lesser Light of Dying Stars
Carol Dines Disappearances
Gretchen Comba,
2020 Fiction Contest Second Prize Goatman
Michael O'Brien Getting the Lead Out
Kanza Javed Rani
Creative Nonfiction
Darius Stewart Etymologies
Art Portfolio
Angela N. Weddle Paintings
Hope Wabuke
Marcela Sulak
Jacquelyn Pope

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