Salamander 2024 Fiction Contest

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Issue 57

Cover Art: “Flower Girl” by Shane Allison

Issue #57 Contributors

Issue 57 - Current

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Ali Hintz To Water
Ginny Threefoot Pool Season
In Paradise: All Come by Chance
Ashunda Norris "You Cain't Help What Come Up on You"
Bee Morris Tenderness Exercise
The Minding of Business
Anna Laura Reeve German Shepherd
Karin Aurino the open vale of my X
Elizabeth Crowell Ode to Meatloaf
Beth Oast Williams Poem as Lap Dance
Temple R. Loveli New Features
Fill My Holes
Javier Sandoval Wet Ghost City
Darren C. Demaree Emily as a Layered Work of Fierce Tenderness
Emily as Night Is This Anyway
Stephanie Staab Talking 
Mary Buchinger My heart eats the world
Adrienne Marie Barrios Sometimes
Grocery Shopping
Jan Freeman I Spy
Lillian Emerick Valentine Elegy Pruning Blueberries
Morgan Eklund Darth Vader
Myronn Hardy The Panther in Lisbon
Farah Peterson Marigolds
Lenna Mendoza Dissociative Episode as Britney Spears' 2007 VMA Performance
Mara Jebsen Old Kids
where the metaphor of the tree hopefully falls apart
Christine Kwon November a loose branching clusters of scars
Tola Sylvan
I return to the pink painting
Monica Cure Lines
Joan Kwon Glass On the Eighth Anniversary of Surrender
Why Some Days, I Wish I Still Loved Jesus
Maryam Ghafoor The Body Has Deep-Rooted Memory
Going Home in the Pandemic
Abbie Kiefer , Lemon Ice Cream Melts from the Springform
, the Buyers Insist They'll Need Space for Entertaining
Chip Livingston Winter Fix
Cynthia Marie Hoffman The Phantom
Liana Roux Insects are Dying Off—Alarmingly Fast
Cassandra Whitaker What Does the State Teach / With My Body
Craig Blais from THE VENTS "'that/s a handsome young man'"
Marilyn A. Johnson Increasingly Abstract Walks in the Woods
Rachael Inciarte eep
Jenny Browne Leaves Eddied Over the Earth's Scars
Rita Mookerjee Self-Portrait as Saint Rita of Cascia Covered in Bees, 1381
Reuben Gelley Newman I put on Julius Eastman
Oksana Maksymchuk Tempo
William Fargason Golden Hour
Rebecca Kirk Connors Modern Day Sin-Eater in the Gig Economy
Phoebe Reeves Another Family Zoom Meeting
Stephanie L. Harper Neurodivergent
Zhihua Wang An MFA Student from China
Madari Pendas In Your Orbit
Oscar-Worthy Films
Daniel Gunn Murals
Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer The Old Raptures [Pompeii]
Funeral Procession Off the Exit to Canandaigua
Seth Leeper peels
Sarah Fawn Montgomery Grief-Fed
Suzanne Frischkorn When I Manage to Sleep Past 3 AM
William Archila Because nostalgia...
When I am drunk enough...
Gary Fincke The Unicorn Lair
Leticia Priebe Rocha Giving
A.J. Rodridguez Americanos
2023 Fiction Contest Second Place
Sue McMillan Cicada Song
Nina Sudhakar Come Tomorrow
2023 Fiction Contest First Place
Kasia Merrill Optimize Optical
Steph Grossman Red on Yellow
Ashlee Lhamon The Graveyard, the Garden
Creative Nonfiction
Andrea Gregory Date Me: A Memoir
Laura McPherson Keepsakes
Julie Marie Wade The Plague of Frogs
Art Portfolio
Shane Allison Portfolio

Fall/Winter 2023-2024

Issue 56 Contributors