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Issue 50

Salamander 50 cover final no barcode only cover

“Storm Before the Calm” by Emily Forbes
Acrylic and alcohol ink on canvas: 18″x24″

Issue #50 Contributors

Issue 50 - Current

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Lauren Mallett Everything's Fine & Fucked
Jade Hurter On the Brink of Our Extinction
Crystal Vision in Spring
Gary Duehr Standard Oil
Emily O'Neill Dear Andy (12)
Karen L. George Georgia O'Keeffe's Red and Brown Leaves, 1925
Rajiv Mohabir Belief
John Sibley Williams The White Album
Naomi Mulvilhill Gospel
Robert Evory Remote Universal
Lisa Bellamy Cucumber Psalm
Edward Sambrano III Memory of an Onion
Michael Mark Religion
Clayton Adam Clark Contact
Ilan Mochari i sugared your sorrows
Catherine Stearns On Not Writing a Poem for Almost Twenty Years
Sebastián Hasani Páramo Portrait of Us Burning
Saddiq Dzukogi The Mihrab
Joan Naviyuk Kane War Poem
Tue Sy, tr. from the Vietnamese by Nguyen Ba Chung and
Martha Collins
Rainy Season in the Highlands
Let Me Copy the Rest of That Poem
Chris Anderson Everything I Let Go of
Kathleen Aguero Night Sky
Dmitry Blizniuk, tr. from the Russian by Sergey Gerasimov The Green Streetlight
Emily Corwin Kat Harvey
Marge Farrell
Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto Truth I Tell
Peter Krumbach Rumorville
Julie Choffel Dear Wallace, They say mother is the boredom
Dear Wallace, Many, many animals and insects
Dear Wallace, You were only here because
Beth Suter Portmanteau Prayer for Moms
Sandra Beasley Hains Point
Rose McLarney Mine
Jan Freeman Mobius
Kelle Groom The Sea Is Also a Horse
David Galloway Crossing Lake Champlain at Night
Cameron Haramia Teaching Eventuality with Forks Listening
Michela L. Garabedian Herzog's Penguin
E. Kristin Anderson Scattering
Yun Wang The Mirror's Edge
Holly Day The Yard
Andrew Collard Diorama
Chris Siteman Confession
Hussain Ahmed Flight
Satellite Phone Call as a Form of Supplication
Barbara Daniels Thursday's Word of the Day is Tintinnabulation
Hollie Dugas Calling My Shadow by Name
Jackleen Holton Backyard, Late Afternoon
Erin Wilson Sabbatical
Anthony Thomas Lombardi Cleopatra sees snow for the first time
Joseph Zaccardi The Words in Letters
Frannie Lindsay Last Entry
Anne Kilfoyle Double-Yolked
Matthew Wamser Objects Do Not Fall
Olivia Wolfgang-Smith Moon Song
Joanna Pearson Mr. Forble
Creative Nonfiction
Kathryn Nuernberger The Eye of the Hagstone
Emily Forbes Paintings
Joseph Holt Human Touch: Sex & Taipei City by Yu-Han Chao
Katie Sticca Save Us from Ourselves: Orders of Protection by Jenn Hollmeyer
Brandel France de Bravo Mind as Aperture: Be with Me Always by Randon Billings Noble
Mike Good Living for the Very Last Time: Requiem with an Amulet in Its Beak
by Elizabeth Knapp

Spring/Summer 2020

Issue 50 Contributors
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