2015 Fiction Contest Results


Mary LaChapelle, "Floating Garden"

Honorable Mention

John Mauk, "Hooligan Present"


J. Bowers, “Based On A True Story”

Tina Egnoski, “Do You Believe?”

Erica Eisen, “Second Eden”

Cary Groner, “Oxygen”

Denton Loving, “The Things We Fear Most”

Jennifer Marquardt, “Protest, Suicide, Occupation”

Jordan Rosenfeld, “The Water or the Wife”

Anthony Spaeth, “The Director”

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2014 Fiction Contest Results


Barrett Warner, "Dimension"

Honorable Mention

Margaret Osburn, "When Desire Can't Find Its Object"


Gaetan Sgro, "We Are All Snowflakes and Cities"

Sara C. Thomason, "Liberation Day"

Robert Lehrman, "Henry Ware, My Father, and Me"

Michael Bourne, "Stories Are Like Water"

Victor Robert Lee, "Salvage"

Ann Collins, "Ceylon"

Terrance Manning Jr., "Buffalosburgh"

Jenn Chan Lyman, "No. 2 Security"

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2013 Fiction Contest Results


Jen Fawkes, “Iphigenia in Baltimore

Honorable Mention

Rochelle Distelheim, “O, Thou, Whom My Soul Doth Love”


Leland Cheuk, “Funeral by the Arcade”

Lisa Doublestein, “New Leaf”

Colby Halloran, “Only Rain”

Thomas McConnell, “Berlin Train”

Bob Ross, “Dust”

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2012 Fiction Contest Results


Lynne Butler Oaks, “A Sudden Absence of Sound”

Honorable Mention

Jenn Chan Lyman, “Two Old Fools”


“Cherry Red Fender” by Steven Wingate

“A Missionary Position” by Mel Wells

“Perfume River” by Jim Fairhall

“The Dome” by Gary Scott

“That Old Time Religion” by Lyle Roebuck

“The Rock and Roll Club” by Dwight Holing

“The Importance of Floating” by Linda Rui Feng

“Midday Sun” by Philip Carter

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2011 Fiction Contest Results


Hester Kaplan, “The Aerialist”

Honorable Mention

Kelly Luce, “The Blue Demon of Ikumi”


Michelle Regalado Deatrick, “The Second Coming of the STASSIS Goat”

B. D. Feil, “The Second Baseman”

Erica Plouffe Lazure, “Azimuth and Altitude”

Dwaine Rieves, “Leverage”

Waimea Williams, “What You Find and What You Keep”

Adam Sturtevant, “Before You Hurt Yourself”

J. Bowers, “The Mammoth Horse Waits”

Sam Katz, “When the Pearlmans Celebrated Christmas”

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Salamander 2016 Fiction Prize

$1,500 Honorarium and Publication

Final Judge: Joan Wickersham

SUBMIT: May 1 through June 1, 2016



•  All entries will be considered for publication. All entries will be considered anonymously.

•  Send no more than one story per entry. Each story must not exceed 30 double-spaced pages in 12 point font. Multiple entries are acceptable, provided that a separate reading fee is included with each entry.

•  Please submit a two page cover sheet document with each entry, page one with the title of the story ONLY, and page 2 with the title of the story and your name, address, phone number, and email. Your name should NOT appear anywhere on the story itself.

•  Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but the contest fee is non-refundable if the submission is withdrawn. Please notify the editors as soon as possible if a submitted story is accepted elsewhere.

•  Previously published works and works accepted for publication elsewhere cannot be considered. Salamander’s definition of publishing includes electronic publication.

•  No handwritten, faxed, emailed, or poorly copied/printed manuscripts will be considered.

•  Salamander will not consider work from anyone currently or recently (within the past 4 years) affiliated with Suffolk University or the prize judge.

•  If you wish to be notified of the arrival of your manuscript, please enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard. Manuscripts cannot be returned. Contest results will be posted on salamandermag.org.

•  Contest reading fee includes a one-year subscription. Checks should be made out to Salamander. We will send your subscription to the address on your cover sheet unless instructed otherwise. Overseas addresses, please add $10 for subscription postage ($5 for addresses in Canada). Please note that we cannot accept money orders or checks from foreign banks.

Joan Wickersham is the author of The News From Spain and The Suicide Index, which was a finalist for the National Book Award. Her fiction has appeared in One Story, Ploughshares, AGNI, and many other publications, and her work has been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories and The Best American Nonrequired Reading. She has written a regular op-ed column for The Boston Globe, and her pieces have run in The International Herald Tribune and on NPR. Joan has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. She has taught writing at Emerson and at Harvard, and currently teaches in Bennington’s MFA program.


2016 Fiction Prize
Salamander/Suffolk University English Dept.
8 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108


If questions, send an email to editors@salamandermag.org.