Issue #41:
Fall/Winter 2015-2016


Martha Collins, Chard deNiord, Gail Mazur, Charles D. Coe, Wendy Mnookin, Linda Stern Zisquit, Jessica Greenbaum, Wyn Cooper, Jehanne Dubrow, Alamgir Hashmi, David Wagoner, Barbara Helfgott Hyett, Joyce Wilson, Mariya Deykute, and many others


"Floating Garden by Mary LaChapelle; "The Hooligan Present" by John Mauk; "Second Eden" by Erica X Eisen; "Finding Dashwani" by Steven Fromm; "Mercy" by Nicholas Mainieri


"Our Sorrow and Our Love Move into a Foreign Language: Constantine Cavafy, Jacqueline Kahanoff, Ahmed Rassim" by Gabriel Levin


"RadioStay: Stay by Kathleen McGookey; Radioland by Lesley Wheeler" reviewed by Valerie Duff Strautmann
"Between Lives: Cities I've Never Lived In by Sarah Majka" reviewed by Jacqueline Kolosov
"In Motion: Not So Ill With You and Me by Fani Papageorgiou" reviewed by Adam Day
"Forgetting, Remembering: All That Followed by Gabriel Urza" reviewed by Julian Zabalbeascoa
"Mapping: The Grammar of God by Aviya Kushner" reviewed by Emily Jaeger

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