Past Issue

Issue 40

“Listening to Landmines #2”

130 x 420 x 110 inches sculpture by Milan Klic

Issue 40 Contributors

Jody Rambo Late Summer Elegy
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin Anne Street
Stephen Ackerman London Morning
My Late Life
William Wenthe In the Place des Vosges
Beverly Bie Brahic In Raymond's Barn
Michael Jenkins Proof
Lisa Sewell Four Years of Days
Dan Kraines Pequod
Gerry LaFemina Modern Urban Planning
Sara London Cemetery Craft
Brandon Krieg Mirror to Mirror
John Greening Clearing
Michelle Graham Word on Cat
Janice N. Harrington Asking
Frannie Lindsay Elegies Written on Water by Children
David Blair To Tonakeera Point
Elegy for Richard Dawson
Steven Ratiner The Arborist
R. M. Haines Dispersal
Yehoshua November And a Car Turns Down a Street
The Life of Body and Soul
Tanya Muzumdar My Avatar and I Move to 45 Degrees North Latitude
Jill Pearlman Morning
Leah Poole Osowski tied
Calgary Martin Route 3
Cody Ernst On Jealousy
The Ember
Frances Richey Infant Boy 1895
Samn Stockwell Mistaken Identity
Supermarket Pastoral
Callista Buchen On Mercury
Carolyn Williams-Noren Improving the Office Art
Debora Lidov Like
Working from Home
Lynne Sharon Schwartz Till You Walk in Her Shoes
James Cronin Poem in Response to a Friend Likening a Woodpecker to a Hammer or a Drill
Julia Bouwsma Tapestry of Blood
Christopher Brean Murray Endless Dictations
Carol Dine
Susan Donnelly That Day
Hail Columbia
Emily Ho We decide to get help
J. Kates Let Me Knot
Virginia Smith Rice A Break with Specifics
Bartholomew Brinkman Pink Flamingo
Martha McCollough When we met
Nicholas Wong Shots
Al Maginnes Memorial Day
Debra Bruce Number 7
Alan Feldman Scituate: September, 2011
Dorian Kotsiopoulos Tricks of Light
Joseph Rathgeber Δ Δ Δ
Elizabeth Savage Frack
Mary Buchinger Dementia Diary, Day #14
Travis Mossotti From the Treadmill
David Dalley The Fair
John A. Nieves Beaver Moon
Keith Eisner Blue Dot
Meghan Gilliss Old Money
L. E. Miller The Red Cape
Joan Leegant Hunters and Gatherers
Rosemary Booth My Father's Eyes by Mary Bonina
Jacqueline Kolosov Once in the West by Christian Wiman
Lines of Defense: Poems by Stephen Dunn
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Furs Not Mine by Andrea Cohen; The Wilderness by Sandra Lim

Spring/Summer 2015

Issue #40 Contributors
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