Salamander 2024 Fiction Contest

SUBMIT: May 1 through June 2, 2024 | READING FEE: $15

Rita Gabis Love
Jean A. McDonough The Sound of Nightcrawlers
Kurt Brown From the North Sea
Elise Paschen Hunger
Suzanne Matson Then, Nicholas
Nicholas, Refusing to Sleep
George Franklin Portrait
Lady Tearing a Letter
The Ghost of Tolstoy Watches the Bombardment of Grozny
Michael Collins Among the Monarchs of Exile
Emily Hiestand Taxpaying
Ruth Anderson Barnett Cows
Laure-Anne Bosselaar The Old Widow in Bruges
Michael Petit Against Hermeneutics
My Magic Ones
Nancy Vieira Couto My Father Glows in the Dark
Sabra Loomis The Goat-woman of Achill
Irfan Malik FEATURE: Punjabi Literature in Translation
Ajit Cour First Exile
Irfan Malik A Night in Lahore
Amrita Pritam Self-Portrait
Conspiracy of  Silence
Munir Niazi With Closed Eyes, Facing the Sun
Mushtaq Sufi Fly from the Roof, Lying Crow
Love, Step Closer
It Does Not End
Zubair Ahmad A Day
Sunset on the Banks of the Ravi
Najam Hussain Syed Song
The Country of the Sparrow
Circular Road, Lahore
Abid Ameeq A Scene
Irfan Malik from <em>The Other Woman</em>
To My Friends in Patiala
The Word
Alexei Bayer Thieves


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