Jean Valentine Mare and Newborn Foal
D. Nurske Lying In
Nguyen Ba Chung Dream of the Church
I Cry for the Fields of Cudweed
Valerie Duff Backwoods
Like Nothing Else
Road Turns to Road
Ruth Stone Woman Painting Easter Eggs
At Eighty-three She Lives Alone
Daniel Bosch Far From Earth
Shira Dentz Here
Emily Taylor Notion of Home
Sharon Dolin Summer’s Pitcher
The Pure Image
Firenze Dream
Susan Sindall To Travel
Ann Keniston Another Journey
Deborah DeNicola viii. Death's Dreams: In the Beginning
ix. Death’s Dream: The Clearing
Carol E. Miller Myth
x. After
Dzvinia Orlowsky Crossing
Object Permanence
Putting the Dog to Sleep
Ann Snodgrass On Courbet's 'Preparation of the Bride'
Jackye Pope Household Economy
Star Black Afterlife
Deborah Landau Sunday Afternoon
M. M. Nichols Trafficking
Anne-Marie Levine Dad at Dinner
Linda Ramey Tracking Mars
Death of the Giraffe
John Cassels Lament
Susan Monsky My Mother's Hands Like Spiders
A. N. Pirozhkova At His Side: The Last Years of Isaac Babel (<em>excerpt</em>), trans. by A. Frydman and R. Busch
Peter Brown The Warplanes of M. H. Brown<
M. H. Brown Drawings


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