Salamander 2024 Fiction Contest

SUBMIT: May 1 through June 2, 2024 | READING FEE: $15

Past Issue

Issue 18.2

Cover art

“Mobsters, Children, Women and Factory”
by Chuck Bowdish

Chuck Bowdish, painter and sculptor, and recipient of numerous honors, studied with Peter Agostini, Marbury Hill Brown, Gretna Campbell, Nac Carone, Bruce Gagnier and Esteban Vincente.

Stephen Ackerman Paper
Molly Bashaw Letter to a Farm
There’s A Liturgical Sound To Our Names For Her Stomachs
Michael Bazzett After Machado
Denise Bergman Jersey
Pam Bernard Selva Oscura
Karina Borowicz The Only Story
Sarah M. Brownsberger Church Site
Christopher Citro Kindling Me
Andrea Cohen On Blueberry Picking
Last Wish
Still Life with Fast-Forward
Hannah Craig From the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary on the First Warm Day in March, a Man Comes Running in a White T-Shirt
Chard DeNiord Inside the Song
Carol Dine If Adam and Eve Were Old
Susan Eisenberg Friends and Enemies
Rita Gabis And Then
The Apple Wood Fire
Danielle Legros Georges Egg
Jessica Greenbaum Ring of Life
Elegy for a Tree
Holly Guran Dali Museum, the morning after
Heather Hartley You, unusual among fish, live in no aquaria
Michael Hettich The Open House
Gwendolyn Jensen I am learning to be old.
Luke Johnson Man Dies on Transatlantic Flight
Kasey Jueds Window and Field
George Kalogeris Stéfaná
Judy Katz-Levine The Everything Saint
Ellen Kaufman Asters
A Flemish Still Life
Raising an Orchid
Karen An-Hwei Lee Blue Moon Is Not Blue
Yan Lin The Third Mountain
Frannie Lindsay Shepherds
Estanislao Lopez The Family Endures Magritte’s Revisions of “La Chambre d’Écoute”
Heather Madden Untitled
Calvin Olsen Kokanee
Idaho History
Lee Peterson Fortune
Mary Pinard Gone in Search
Jo Pitkin Village: Persistence
Village: White Money
Jacquelyn Pope Common Tremor
Steven Ratiner Time on Earth
Black Quilt
Dian Duchin Reed from Crooked Cup of Awe, based on the Daodejing
from Crooked Cup of Awe, based on the Daodejing
Elizabeth Rees Graduate Housing
Minneapolis Blues
Anna Ross Self-Portrait with Catastrophe
Self-Portrait as Fox in Daylight
Self-Portrait Instead of Engine
The Land of Nod
Danielle Shutt Afterlife as the Line at Friendly Mart
Tara Skurtu Catechism
Skurtu, Romania
Maggie Smith Lights, Lemons
David R. Surette Hummels
Naira Kuzmich The Kingsley Drive Chorus
Linda Rui Feng The Importance of Floating
Mel Wells A Missionary Position
Steven Wingate Cherry Red Fender
Jacqueline Kolosov Made in Brooklyn: The Two Yvonnes by Jessica Greenbaum
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Is It Life? Dark Elderberry Branch: Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, tr. Ilya Kaminsky and Jean Valentine


Issue 19.1
Issue 18.1