Salamander 2024 Fiction Contest

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Past Issue

Issue 18.1

Cover art

by Neta Goren

Neta Goren is self-taught. With an education in music, literature, and languages, she works mainly indoors using oils, pastels, graphite, and colored pencils. Her painting style is semi-figurative, sometimes abstracted to rely solely on texture and tonal variations.

Partridge Boswell Saltimbanques
Joanne DeSimone Reynolds Full Pink Moon
Sarah Burke Fishing with Ghosts
Betsy Johnson-Miller Leap, soft
Yehoshua November I Made a Decision
Live Like the Ark in the Holy of Holies
To Come Back
Mary Ann Mayer Tracks
Joseph Spece Beacon Hill
Leslie Williams Practice
Brought in Safety to This New Day
Sjohnna McCray The Pear Tree
Winter Anesthesia
David Blair At Gooseberry Beach
Mary Jo Firth Gillett Hunger, White-Tailed Deer and Hosta
Michael Brokos Allison and Iowa
Brian Simoneau Lines from Wherever My Father Finds Himself
New Year’s Eve
Wesley Rothman Instructions for Stardust
Alzheimer Aubade
Anna Lowe Weber By metaphor you paint a thing
Blessings for the Unborn
David Thacker A Fetus Dreams of Narrative
Ben Berman Nothing Archaic About It
Brittney Scott Microchimerism
C. Dylan Bassett Butcher Shop
A Protest, Tahrir Square
Lori Wilson Because Even the Dog Star Hid
The Day He Ran over the Dog
Amorak Huey Pursued by an Angry Mob, Fire God Buries the Blues in a Bayou
Elegy for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Written by His Favorite Guitar
Adam Day Cave Hill
Matthew Mahaney Dear Elizabeth, I dream a cherry orchard on fire
Dear Elizabeth, I fear I am a little salt ghost stuck
Fred Marchant Fresh Ink
The Meltemi*
Matthew Landrum Trieste
Sally Wen Mao Friendship Evening
Gregory Lawless Riprap
Amy Dryansky Cake & Eat it Too
Dear Tender Place
Alan Feldman Hate
Ashore in Oak Bluffs
Chelsea Wagenaar Letter to My Girlhood
Kim Triedman Witch Hazel
Raymond Philip Asaph The Icicle
P. J. Williams Blues Poem (There’s hope for us on the porch)
Brian Culhane Derivations
Ricardo Pau-Llosa Odysseus to Diomedes, at Lemnos
Jaydn DeWald Encounter
Fiona Sze-Lorrain My Hiroshige
Jacob Strautmann Benwood Mine and Queen Anne’s Lace
Mercy Prayer
Christopher Lee Miles Baling Hay
Susan Donnelly Woman Reading
Marcela Sulak Decency
Stan Badgett At Cumberland Knob
Tom Sexton On Being Asked to Write a Poem About the Moon
Benjamin Myers A Production of Hamlet
None of This
Andrea Moorhead For Bobby, 1954-2011
Gary Dop To My Love Handles
Betty Buchsbaum First Encounters
Diane LeBlanc Intervention
Wendy Drexler Squirrel Eating the Milky Way
Lee Colin Thomas Lifeguard
When It’s My Turn at the Counter
Jennifer O'Grady Dusk
Scott Withiam Landscape and Interior, Considering Recent Political Claims and Polls
Matthew Minicucci Crassus
Lana Rakhman Waltz
Laurie Sewall Painted Skirt
Hilary Sideris To a Majolica Jug
Wendy Mnookin That Summer
Lynne Butler Oaks A Sudden Absence of Sound
Jenn Chan Lyman Two Old Fools
Dana Diehl A Place Without Floors
Lynne Sharon Schwartz Grief
Dan Pinkerton Parkwood Manor
Jacqueline Kolosov Crossings Over: Dialogos: Paired Poems in Translation by George Kalogeris
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Ancestral Lines: Bewilderment by David Ferry

WINTER 2012/2013

Issue 18.2
Issue 17.2