Past Issue

Issue 14.1

Cover art

“Luscious Fruit”
by SoHyun Bae

SoHyun Bae is the recipient of a 2007 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in Fine Arts. She has received numerous other awards including a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, 2002; the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc. Grant, 2000; and a Fellowship at the Corporation of Yaddo, 2000. Currently, she travels back and forth between New York City and Bologna, Italy.

Mahmoud Darwish, trans. by M. Akash and D. Abdalhayy Moore FEATURE EXCERPT: <em> from </em>State of Siege
Eva Hooker Jacaranda
Kamau Rucker How Johnny Learned to Pray
Mark Terrill A Poem for the Disengaged
Cheryl Baldi Trestle
Sara London The Front
Carrie Bennett The Nightly Vigil
A Momentary Escape
Lee Upton Before the Afterlife Comes the Life-Life
Jessica Greenbaum Little White Truck
One Key
Adam LeFevre Situational Ode
Trey Moody The Replication
Patrick Donnelly My Doctor Used to Praise My Ears
Stephen Sandy White Space
Sue Nacey Reading Joyce Carol Oates After the Argument
Mary Pinard Eavesdropping at the Boaryard, East Boston
Piazza di Spagna
Gary Whited Ever
Roger Kessel Stasis
John F. Deane The Travellers
Thomas O'Grady The Other Foot
Lucyna Prostko Grouse
Kevin Oberlin Cradle
Gerard Smyth Heinrich Böll on Achill
Laurie Rosenblatt Never Again, Then
Annie Boutelle Shell
Carol Dine War Story
Jeffrey Harrison Another Non-lucid Dream
Eltachrome Days
Lesléa Newman First Love
Jason Rotstein The Cordillera Effect
Jen Garfield Gwen Takes Me to the New England Aquarium
Harry Thomas Four Native American Love Poems
Adam Day On-Location
Narrative Logorrhea
Badger&#8217;s Brothers
A. Loudermilk Persona E
Frannie Lindsay To November
Mariana Dan, trans. by A. J. Sorkin and the poet icy roads
Siobhan Fallon Sacrifice
Anne Germanacos Arhontoula&#8217;s Eyebrows
Seana Graham In Pigwell
Glen Pourciau Gripe
Kate Reuther Creature Comforts
Catherine Parnell Double Indemnity
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Orbiting
Aviya Kushner To Seek
Elizabeth Murphy Loneliness


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