Past Issue

Issue 16.2

Cover art

“Purple Onion”
by Elizabeth Slayton

Elizabeth Slayton attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, Penn State University and Massachusetts College of Art. She has been painting and exhibiting for more than 30 years, showing in solo and group shows throughout the US and abroad. Her paintings are included in private and corporate collections.

Pamela M Cersosimo The Mill
Angie Macri Ten-Year Drought
The Heart of a River Never Is Its Own
Julia Story Red Town #15
Laura Shearer Flight
Aimee Sands Initiation
Brandi George For Eva, Who I am Not
Leslie McGrath A Music
Depression as Litany
Weston Cutter Saint Hillside
James Silas Rogers Late Night, in Kilkenny
Brianna Noll Lace Factory
Mistaking the Road for Open Sea
Linda Zisquit Not a Ghazal
Carolyn Miller City Cemetery of Spoleto
Patricia McKernon Runkle Blue
Greg Nicholl Errors in Cross Circulation
Marian Willmott Turnings
Denise Bergman Confused Waters 1
Confused Waters 2
Jody A. Zorgdrager A Stranger’s Voice on Your Machine Was Sorry
Diana Der-Hovanessian Being Born
Carolle Robin Morini Poem of Tender
Jenna Le Inheritance
Susanna Kittredge The Counterpane
Anthony Opal Hidden Love
George Kalogeris Tibullus in Sparta
Mercedes Lawry Put forth
Nancy Kassell Purple Loosestrife
Jesseca Cornelson A Body by the Wayside Strange
Alec Hershman Cells
A Shoreline Negotiable
Hilary Sideris Uccello
Elizabeth Hazen Bottom Dwellers
Physics Lesson
Emily Wall Grace Harbor, Desolation Sound
Barry Sternlieb Prayer
Susan Rich Love Study in Nature
Life Studies: College Love Poems
Dara Barnat Early Marriage
Martin Rock Heading East
Al Maginnes Two Horizons
Curtis Bauer Home
Dan Howell A Song One-Two-Three
Gregory W. Randall Medieval Studies
Joyce Peseroff from Sound Net Sequence
Carol Dine Buchenwald/Beech Forest
Steven Cramer from Clangings
from Clangings
Jeremy Allan Hawkins Certainties in Texas
George Higgins Tornados
Jason Schossler New Toy
Thom Ward And Things Have a Way of Undoing Themselves
David McCann Blue Ink
Norman Lock from Alphabets of Desire & Sorrow: A Book of Imaginary Colophons Alphabet of the Elephant
Lan Lan, trans. by Fiona Sze-Lorrain You Are
Alyse Knorr Aria I
Catherine Sasanov Mark in Chains
Kathleen Weaver White Phosphorus, Fallujah
Amy Ash On Thin Ice
Gregory A. Abel Story Time
Elizabeth Crowell On Consignment
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson so low we didn’t notice
Michael Barach Men in the Club, Not Dancing
Noel Sloboda Bailey’s Rehabbed as Millennium
J. S. A. Lowe A Doily
Chad B. Anderson The Kelley Street Disappearances
Allison Alsup Another Man’s Clothes
Fred Marchant Windfall: Seamus Heaney’s Human Chain
Catherine Parnell Three Debuts: C. D. Collins’s Blue Land, Siobhan Fallon’s You Know When the Men Are Gone, Anne Germanacos’s In the Time of the Girls
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Legends: Adam Zagajewski’s Unseen Hand


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Issue 16.1