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Past Issue

Issue 16.1

Cover art

“At the Lining”
by Andrzej Jackowski

The work of Andrzej Jackowski is largely autobiographical, based on his early childhood memories, recollections of a family history in Poland, and the feelings of alienation and enclosure that these experiences roused. Born in 1947 to Polish parents in North Wales, his first eleven years were spent in a post-war refugee camp. He lives and works in Brighton, England.

Jason Tandon Alarm
Eleanor Paynter Outside the City Walls
Chard DeNiord Dirge
John M. Anderson Graduated, Glass,
Frannie Lindsay The Meek
Franz Wright Some Recent Criticism
In Memory of the Future
Kierkegaard Proposes
With Bacovia
Sarah Chace Daphne & Apollo
Tara Skurtu Some Days Begin Like This
Waking Verne
Shahar Bram Alfred Stieglitz: The Terminal, 1893
Benjamin Landry Espalier
Susanna Brougham Mother, with Scythe
David R. Surette First Kiss in The Last Field
The Day of My Brother’s Sentencing
Laura Read The House on North Stevens
Rosemary A. Peters Backroads
Butterfly Season
Mary Bonina All Souls
Amy Kitchell-Leighty My Sister
Ani Gjika Inarticulate
Bruce Willard Bird Call
Sally Molini New Stamp
Working for Dolores
Joseph Riippi  Something About New York City
Cassie Schmitz Klaatu Barada Nikto
Aidan Rooney Switzerland
Élise Turcotte untitled
Rose McLarney Shadow Shape
James Norcliffe marinade
James Gleason Bishop Better Than Sex
Alan Feldman The News
How Big?
Timothy Mullaney Green Glass Doors
Susan Magee The Mother
Emily Van Kley Old Machines
Molly Patterson Moving Fronts
Lee Johnson The Promises She Made
Julie Marie Wade Eucharist
Steven Cramer Into Another’s Sentience: Chase Twitchell, Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been: New and Selected Poems
Elizabeth Murphy Dispatches: Todd Hearon, Strange Land; Catherine Sasanov, Had Slaves; Pam Bernard, Blood Garden, An Elegy for Raymond; Brian Turner, Phantom Noise

WINTER 2010/2011

Issue 16.2
Issue 15.2