Past Issue

Issue 15.2

Cover art

by Marilyn Levin

Laura Powers If
Simmons B. Buntin A Garden of Bones
Daniel Tobin The Loop
The Bird Clock
Jonathan Weinert At the Atlantica
R. D. Parker The Chickadee
Jamie Thomas Atmospheres
Jessica Greenbaum Baldo's
Without Measure
Aidan Lee If You Had Known Me
Tuvia Rubner, trans. by L. Katz and S. Bram Angelus Novus
Nan Becker Redemption
Cheryl Baldi Upwelling
Martha Rhodes The Small Canal Between Them
May I?
Major Jackson Lost Lake
Nick Courtright Destinations I
Destinations IX
Before It's Too Late I Wanted to Say It's Okay
Rebecca Morgan Frank From the Curious Cabinets of Rosamond Purcell
David Scronce Letter from Montaigne
Alice Kociemba Betrayals
Chris Bullard Wind Loss
David Dodd Lee The Arrangement
Charles Cote Shrink at Starbucks
Primo Levi, trans. by H. Thomas and M. Sonzogni The Thaw
Mark Defoe Reverie
Peter Leight Waiting Room
Will Schutt The Message the Rider Carried
Lightsey Darst Aria
Mary, Annie, Liz, Kate, Mary
Paula Marafino Bernett Repeated Mutinies of the Heart
Lynne Potts Insight
Robert Funge History: September 19, 2009
Lindsay Wilson All That's Left
Lynn Domina Foreground
Kim Farrar The Old Cat
Ed Madden Tenantry
Cate Whetzel The Mermaid Box
Elaine Terranova Orphanage
Fred Marchant Olive Harvest
William Palmer Humble
Elaine Sexton Only Sky
Carolyn Stoloff Even If
Sara Fraser Starlight in the Boot
J. Robert Lennon Weber's Head
David Crouse Bloodless: A Poem
Jaquelyn Pope Recent Chapbooks: Anna Ross, Marsha Pomerantz


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