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Issue 46

“Lotus III,” by Colette Bresilla, 18 x 24 inches, oil on canvas, 2012.

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Angie Estes Parole
Watching the Hale-Bopp Comet Over Howard Johnson Motel in Rolla, Missouri
Natalie Shapero Valentine's Day
Duy Doan Another Way of Explaining It
Emma Bolden Before I Believed in the Body as Word
Alabama Climacteric
Brionne Janae Airfield
Alternative Facts
Matthew Gellman The Lesson
The Good Nights
Stephen Gibson Thirsty
K.E. Duffin The Sparrow Hath Found An House
Tooth and Claw
Emari DiGiorgio Who Hasn't Hoarded One Milky Stone in a Deep Pocket? 
Kate Hanson Foster Elegy of Color
Rob Shapiro To Yorick, in the Garden
Rhagen Olinde Patria Potestas
Lynne Thompson Slip
Jason Gray In the Crow's Nest, Waiting to Drown
Danielle Legros Georges Hello Kinshasa
Judy Katz Questions for My Tribe in Midlife
The Room Behind My Eyes
Jack Hanson Emblem
Francis Lunney Bluebird
Dawn Potter Dooryard
Emily Tuszynska First Breath with Thistledown
Kerry James Evans Herb Garden
Mike Good The Hour of
Ian C. Williams Self-portrait as Bower Bird 
Shavahn Dorris-Jefferson The Principle of Inertia
Jessica Traynor Tsunami
Wendy Canella Self-portrait as Pine Barrens
Arthur Rimbaud, Sensation
tr. by Judy Katz-Levine Prayer of night
Kat Hayes The Cowshed
Robert Fillman For Joe, Who Showed Us All
Brandi George and Love Charm
Michael Barach
Stephanie Rogers What a Kid
Monique Zamir Ostrich Takes the Stage
K.V. Twain Thoughts of a Dead One Waiting
Su Dong-Po, To the Tune of "Sand Washing the Stream"
tr. by Yun Wang To the Tune of "Sand Washing the Stream"
Heather Derr-Smith Grimoire
Deborah Gorlin Gone Bowling
Samantha Leigh Futhey Pinkeye
Jennifer Minniti-Shippey America
Chanel Brenner What I'm Holding in the Black and White Photo of Me and My First-born Son
Ellen Steinbaum looking across Somes Sound
Leah Umansky Revolution 2
Sally Molini Last Day at the Meditation Course
Aimée M. Sands Of the Television
Lis Sanchez A White Bowl
Luiza Flynn-Goodlett Seven Years After
Faiz Ahmad Vignettes
Shebana Coelho after names
Dorsey Craft Epithalamion at Magnolia Plantation
John Paul Davis Selfie
Elizabeth Rees Dew Claws
Gerry LaFemina Wild Life
Saturday Morning, Low Tide
Pam Bernard Owl
First Born, a glosa
Brandon Krieg Asylum Lake
Ellen Kaufman from Audiology
Mirande Bissell Lucky Penny
Brent House Augur of Tine
Julia Leverone Coyote
Frances Badgett Half Hitch
Ramiro Hinojosa Day Is Done
Barbara Leckie Kicking the Stone
Evan Grillon Baby
Melanie Ritzenthaler Away the Birds
Portfolio Paintings by Colette Brésilla
Kasey Jueds To Reclaim the Body: Thrust by Heather Derr-Smith
Anna V.Q. Ross Refuge: Said Not Said by Fred Marchant
Valerie Duff-Strautmann The Knock of the Blade: Until We Are Level Again by José Angel Araguz and Hard Child by Natalie Shapero
Jacqueline Kolosov After Innocence: Good Bones by Maggie Smith and The Amoeba Game by Tara Skurtu

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Issue #46 Contributors