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Issue 13.1

Cover art

“from Consider the Oyster: Photographs 2007” by Emily Hiestand Emily Hiestand, author of three books, including Angela the Upside Down Girl (true stories) and The Very Rich Hours (travels), is also an award-winning visual artist.

John F. Deane A Flood and Many Waters
Kathleen Hellen The Fifteenth Station
Carol Moldaw From the Other Side of the World
Todd Hearon World's End
After the Flood
Collier Nogues Hydrangea, Best Blue Flower
After I Sold Her Teaching Materials
Matt Nienow The First Kill
Joshua Weitz Haymarket
Love Fugue
Lisa Lewis Autumn Uncovers the Tall of the Trees
David Welch Decalogue
Early Island
Anne Coray A Hunger
Sarah Brownsberger Printed Matter
S. A. McKenzie Cream
Colleen Abel Wonderland
Steve Wilson The Basilica at Aquileia
The Women
Susan Roberts Bats
Allan Peterson That Close
Linda Nemec Foster from Ten Songs from Bulgaria
Roberto Juarroz, tr. by Mary Crow Stutter of the Beginning
Frances Richey Time Out
Rob Cook Biography of 68 East Third Street
Melina Draper Song
Wendy Mnookin Hammered Band with Tapered Edges
Measured Spaces
Fabio Morábito, tr. by Kathleen Snodgrass Boy Scouts
<em>from </em>Lotes baldes
Erin Elizabeth Smith Pansies
Love Poem
Ruth Kramer Baden Guernica
Pam Bernard <em>from </em>Blood Garden
Holly Hartel Night Bird
O Blonde Thing!
Eric Pankey The False Tree
Jessica Greenbaum Streaming Nancy
Beauty's Rearrangements
Brion Berkshire avian religion
Susan Nisenbaum Becker After the Divorce
Emily Borgmann Communual Roost
Chris Siteman from Lake Fire Road
J. T. Ledbetter What He Might Want Now
Bonnie Stewart graduated
Tom Lombardo Keys to the Solar System
Susannah W. Simpson The Sink or Swim Pineapple
Rachel Klein The Secret Language
David Crouse Torture Me
Dana Kinstler Nursing Him
Kathryn Gahl Geraniums
Junichiro Tanizaki, tr. by Liz Doles and Ivan Gold A Meditation on the Toilet
Ellen Davis The Uses of Autobiography
Valerie Duff-Strautmann By Her Own Lights

WINTER 2007/2008

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