Christopher Merrill Grammar
Reetika Vazirani Unda-wala, the Egg Man
Michael Collins Dedication
Notes on the Nine Kinds of Longing
Mary Pinard Gatherings
Daniel Bosch Curbside in Winter
Judy Paige Heitzman The Sanctuary
Don Share Fortune
Miguel Hernandez Sweat
To Sing
To My Son
Judy Katz-Levine Improvisations on a Sonnet by Rilke
Yamanokuchi Baku On Paper (1939)
Drafted (1943)
Scott Anderson 1946
Milan Knizak Prague Nativity Scenes
Donald Nitchie Afterwards
Kurt Leland Aria for Anna Magdalena
Karen Propp What the Pianist Heard
Julia O. Bibbins The Winter I Went North to Iowa
Simon Doubleday Afterlife
On the Staircase
George Franklin The Albigeneses
Barbara Helfgott Hyyett Grizzly Bear
Terese Svoboda Gothic, sections II and IV
Dawn Potter Spinster
Sherwood Anderson Death in the Woods

Spring 1993

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