Ellen Kaufman Over the River
Sabra Loomis Delia
The Music Cabinet
Don Share Strange Things
Juan Manuel Roca Night Map of the Aburrá Valley
Peter Brown Her Own Beauty
The Death of Corporal Torre
Judy Katz-Levine Ghazal of the Window
Ghazal for Miriam
M. M. Nichols In the East
Christopher Bakken Gethsemane
Anthony Kemp The Carnival in Venice
Susan Sindall On University Place
Brahms’ Sister
Where Four Rivers Flow from Eden
Ira Sadoff Sunday Dinner
The Tall Ships: Friendship Harbor,  Maine
Ann Snodgrass Two Preludes
Cynthia Zarin Of Lincoln
Michael Klein Twins, Speedboats
Book of Numbers
Evelyn Reilly I Took A Vacation
Barbara Helfgott Hyyett Feature Sequence: From The Double Reckoning of Christopher Columbus
(University of Illinois Press, 1992)
Susan Monsky From The History of Weather (Chapter One)
Mona Geller from Bossevain
Jane Brox from The Milk Room, Blue Hubbard, and Other Stories


Fall 1992

Issue 1.2
Issue 3.1