On a Scale of Nothing to All

Suphil Lee Park
| poetry


Part of childhood remains

buried under sandcastles.

You used to poach

grasshoppers with an old hairnet

until it caught strands

of cobwebs and would not let go.

Memories are but hearsay.

So is a sachet that used to contain

scented soaps. So is

every emotion, even your own.

Only by intuition you know anger,

awake, splinters like sleep’s

exoskeletons in the morning.

Under your window

spiderlings fiddle down

a rose stem after rain, so much at stake.

There you stand

lobbing a tennis ball, as sure

of gravity as of dusk

that shivers inshore, searching

for a glade to fathom

the rest of the forest against.

Suphil Lee Park is a bilingual writer who grew up in South Korea and graduated from NYU with a BA in English and from New Writers Project (the University of Texas at Austin) with an MFA in poetry. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Ploughshares, Global Poetry Anthology, and the Massachusetts Review, among many others. Her debut collection of poetry, Present Tense Complex, winner of the Marystina Santiestevan Prize, is forthcoming in 2021.