poetry 0
Mia DiFelice


idol adorned with eyelashes, fingernails, other half-alive
things. teeth & psalm, bitten and bless, so much bone.
a song, a jewel, to divine like omen

— how to begin this reckoning?


go to the river. mouth the shore. suck up the hum,
dust & dry & drifted. kneel in drained vein, restart &
the next morning, lumber on all thick with dirt, all


echoed movement, be gorge & ravine both. quake with
other lost bones. take rest among dust. break the bone,
first symmetry then silent. discard the marrow.


closet & bedside table, built in this vein, all whittle to
stump. fashion your own, sans wish, sans want, what
a thing to yearn. brush off the dust. become the bone.

Mia DiFelice is a young writer studying international development in Pittsburgh. She has worked for publications such as The Offing and Sampsonia Way, and her work is published or forthcoming in Ruminate, Fourth River: Tributaries, L’Éphémère Review, and elswhere. She thanks you for reading her work.