Salamander 2021 Fiction Contest, Judged by Yiyun Li



Birds Again

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  in memory of my student, 2000-2019   After last spring’s surprise grackle attack and the autumn squirrels’ burgling acrobatics   I almost didn’t fill the feeders this year.   They came back, the heavy-set doves content to peck what … Read More


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  Sometimes I think the gods want something else. Enough with the libations, they might cry (if it weren’t for the prohibition on two-way speech). Don’t gore that ox on my account!   Out my office window is a red … Read More


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  He went to her on my birthday. Did he sneak through the blades of night Between our friends’ quarter moon tents To find her? Maybe they walked the aqueous woods To talk of their hearts, headlamps bobbing Between leaves, … Read More

July 11

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  Find the balance at the oarlock says the coach not the usual way, not inside the boat. She wants us to push our consciousness three feet out, rest it on metal that intersects with the edge of a ripple … Read More

The Favor

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  Everything has been remodeled about motherhood. I should know, I am not one. A mother, that is. I have one, like we all do, or did, at the time I tried to become one, faced with a footlong hysteroscope, … Read More

A Fountain

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  On a warm spring that gorged on soil, spewed tornadoes like seeds, I painted my nails blue, the color of Alice’s dress, and cycled at night to the older man’s house by the seminary. This man professed to love … Read More

I Wanted to Be a Boy

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  Because I want to be a wolf; because the earth smells of sinew and green. Because his hair was made of corn dust and cloud and I wanted to weave it around me, trust his sky. Because Eros did … Read More

I dream that I give birth

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  but it’s different than the usual one where I’ve been drinking and remember quite suddenly, that I’m very   very round. Where it’s all confusion and shame until the moment I snap awake sweating. In the new one, the … Read More

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