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Salamander Magazine Issue 55 Cover: "In Dreams II" by Ruth Marie

Cover: “In Dreams II” by Ruth Marie

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Xochiquetzal Candelaria Summer's End
Ecem Yucel Anabel
Ceci n'est pas une pipe
Sharon Suzuki-Martinez Welp [Found Poem among Yelp Reviews of a Local BBQ]
Despy Boutris Desire
Hannah Bridges Still Life with Apples
Karen Sherk Chio I was saying >lily pads float without roots
Dallas Crow My Nature Poem
Casey Knott If I Hadn't
William Snyder Weight
Makensi Ceriani Weak Teeth Are Hereditary
Keetje Kuipers Bleeding
Iris Jamahl Dunkle Heimlich
Sonnet for the Story of the Horse Buried Under the Lake
Keith Kopka Bela Lugosi's Dead
Sonnet after the Action Hero Dies
Jenny Irish Harpy
Jessica Poli Gastronomy
Christine Barkley Bite Inhibition
Brandel France de Bravo Provincetown
Regard the Other as a Verb
Tanque R. Jones Postcard from the South
Michael Martin Blood Hounds
G.J. Nelson elegy for félicette, first cat in space
Maureen Thorson Dis
Self-Portrait as Kraken
Elizabeth Steinglass Woman Looking at Two Big Black Hearts
Porsha Monique Allen God's Receptionist
Rachel Richardson Elegy for the Polar Bear
Shelter in Place
David Greenspan An Oral History of David Greenspan's Polly Pockets
Barbara Duffey Solstice
Sati Mookherjee Wood and Wool
Talia Pinzari The rectangular dish you brought home from Tokyo
Maria S. Picone Maleficent
Minority Report
Jessica Jacobs Dream in Which I Give You My Memories as Dreams
Raymond Luczak Bats
Wanting to Sign Furiously But Can't
nicole v basta can't quite hold
Jennifer Saunders Starting Treatment during Covid
Kay Zeiss whose evacuation
Zuleyha Ozturk Lasky Somedays
S.D. Horvath Yucca Valley
Dana Delibovi Temptation, Expulsion
Rebecca Foust House
Daniel Meltz Furthermore, There's No Real Telling What Propelled Us Here
Chim Sher Ting They Told Me a Dragon Was a Phoenix That Never Rose from Its Ashes
Kodi Saylor Sometimes Housework Tightens Me to the Material Reality of This World
Sophie Klahr &
Corey Zeller
Quinn Rennerfeldt get angry that there is no field
It's obvious
Melinda Thomsen How it Seeps into Us
Ana María Caballero Things I Am Saving to Write
Hannah Corrie by Botticelli, or Three Women I Can't Stop Looking At
Caleb Bouchard Elvis at NYU
Rishona Michael Fragments in a Burger Joint
Kate Westhaver Tete a tete
Angela Siew Temple Street Night Market
As If Death Could Be Washed Off of Us
Cassie Pruyn Once We Are Severed
Ugochukwu Damian Okpara Beautiful Boy with Garlands around His Waist
Andrea Lawler In the Winter, You Made Me Tea through the Coffeemaker
Michele Rappoport At the Same Time
After He Leaves
Leila Shebaro Inheritance
Mark Doyle Good New Teeth
2022 Fiction Contest Second Prize
Josie Tolin Driftwood
Hassaan Mirza The Other Osama
2022 Fiction Contest First Prize
Evelyn Maguire The Bar at the End of the World
Creative Nonfiction
Brad Wetherell All You Left
Art Portfolio
Ruth Marie Portfolio
Robert Long Foreman Telling the Right Story: Survivor's Guilt: Essays on Race and American Identity by Artress Bethany White
Amy Monticello The Natural Plot of Existence: The Red Zone: A Love Story by Chloe Caldwell
Diego Báez When the Museum Is a Mirror: Tenderness by Derrick Austin
Patrick Davis Roar and Prayer: American Elegies:
The World That the Shooter Left Us
by Cyrus Cassells

Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking by C.T. Salazar

Fall/Winter 2022-2023

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