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Salamander Magazine Issue 53 Cover "quack quack" by Jia Jia

Cover: from “Quack, Quack, Quack” by Jia Jia

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Anindita Sengupta Wildfire
Where the empty cartons go
Nadia Colburn The End of History
Brittney Corrigan My Eco-Anxiety and Solastalgia Have It Out
Hilary King My Dog Wakes Me up in the Middle of the Night
Lauren K. Carlson Steer Skull on the Minnesota
Daisy Bassen this is what we talk about, the women you don't pay attention to
Christopher DeWeese If a Still Life Moves, I Guess It's Just a Life
Every Object in the World Exerts a Pull on Every Other Object,
No Matter How Far Away It Is
Amy Roa Peaches 
Mary Ardery Moving to a Tourist Town
Carrie Shipers Dear Jeff Bezos,
Christopher Nelson On Hatred
Robert Wrigley A Stilt of Daddy Longlegs
Mervyn R. Seivwright I See Signs of Autumn
Sara Elkamel In This Town We Rescue Cats
Forbidden Fruit Picker
Gillian Parrish Saturday Poem 3
Erin Malone Reading a Poem Set Inside a Snow Globe
Gareth Culshaw The Dog Walker That Keeps Our Village Alive
Daniel Bouchard Razor Zigzag: I Don't Remember
MA|DE Breakout
Kathleen Winter Translations
Meg Yardley Lochia
Julie A. Cox Dream of My Brother inside a Painting in Motion
Inez Tan Deconsecration
Elizabeth Sylvia Words from a Head
Mary Ann Samyn Lily of the Valley
Vera Kroms Self Portrait as Genus Madoqua 
To Oz
Minadora Macheret Session 154: The Psychologist Asks about Inherited Trauma
Session 245: The Psychologist Asks Me to Define Epigenetics
Session 185: The Psychologist Asks about My Favorite Flower
Seth Leeper rouge on a white wedding dress
barge and vortex
Tawanda Mulalu Prayer
Katie Marya On Me Such Legs Are Left
The Religion I've Made of My Mother
Deirdre Lockwood Scrutinies
Christopher Bakken Rothko Theology
Steve Castro Digging deep
Kamal E. Kimball Gratitude Journal
Animashaun Ameen Rabbit in a Snowstorm
Lynn Gao Cox Diagram of My Epidermis
Jon Lemay Tin Man Goes to a Rave
Landscape with Dove Killed by a Baseball Pitch
Lauren Green On Acoustics
A. Molotkov Stellar Behaviors
Simone Muench &
Jackie K. White Cipher
Glenn Stowell Control Line
Aneska Tan Soundly
Modern Loneliness
Amanda Hope Don't Take All These Lonely Poems Too Seriously
Leigh Chadwick Every Day a Ghost Town Loses a Map
Daniel Barnum The Celestial Bestiary
Palinode to the Celestial Bestiary
Brandon Rushton Before the Experts Mislabeled the Beyond
In the Upside-Down Forest of Un-Furious People
Pablo Piñero Stillmann While Hiking with My Son,
Alejandro Lucero Pop Quiz with Ninth-Inning Sweats
Jessica Bell Rizzolo Elegy for the Noise of Touch
Sébastien Bernard Ahmet, a chair, his PTSD
Eleanor Boudreau Madison Social
Karen McPherson Sweet Collusion
Nicole Simonsen Lucky, Lucky, Lucky
Justina Elias Panzanalia
Charlotte Gross On Island
Corey Campbell In a Burning Volcano
Creative Nonfiction
Sarah Cedeño The Visible Woman
Art Portfolio
Jia Jia Sculptures
Artress Bethany White Magic, Wisdom, and History: Libertie by Kaitlyn Greenidge
Jonathan Russell Clark What's In a Name?: Lost Letters and Other Animals by Carrie Bennett; Besiege Me by Nicholas Wong; Returning the Sword to the Stone by Mark Leidner
Susan Shaw Sailer Leaning Against the Muscle of That Throat: The Dream Women Called by Lori Wilson
Anna V.Q. Ross Father's Keeper: Imagine Us, The Swarm by Muriel Leung

Fall/Winter 2021-2022

Issue 53 Contributors
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