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Issue 43

Cover: “Gouache on Newspaper” by Elizabeth Doran

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George David Clark Cartoons in Red and Blue
Small God
Rodney Gomez Pitch
Sara Femenella After the Overdose
Nebeolisa Okwudili The Pages in August
Elisabeth Murawski When Winds Beat and Bruise: Perfume of Heaven
Mary, Mary
Derek JG Williams Reading Water
Daniel Evans Pritchard,
after Derry O'Sullivan
Miscarriage, 1943 (Limbo)
after Simon Ó Faoláin An Egret
Jackson Sabbagh Soldier's Wife
Ellen Kaufman The Ice Pond
The Cherries of Kenwood
George Kalogeris Easter in the Oven
John Allen Taylor Hospital Song
Kjerstin Anne Kauffman Danaë’s Lament
Owen McLeod Rivers
Tara Skurtu Postscript, Vermeer
Jill Pearlman The Ecstatic Giveaway
Gail DiMaggio Winter Thursday
Yehoshua November The Recently Divorced Adjunct Professor Waits in the High School Chemistry Classroom
J.D. Scrimgeour Hardy's Heart
Tim Cresswell Eels
The Treacherous One
Aimée Sands Blue Flag Day
Austin Sanchez-Moran Instructional Poem
T.J. McLemore Meditation on Form & Uncertainty
Miron C. Izakson,
tr. by Betsy Rosenberg
Philip Raisor Interview at Guantanamo North
Stephen Gibson Frida Kahlo's Painting "The Deceased Dimas Rosas Aged Three"
Jean Monahan Hyphen
Mary Buchinger In the Cirque
Maja Lukic Black Friday at Green-wood Cemetery
Monica Rose Burchfield Toledo
Maria Zervos Atthis
Ashley Wong Vision
George Fragopoulos Portrait of Pessoa as Shepherd-Poet
Yin Lichuan,
tr. by Fiona Sze-Lorrain
Spring Drought
Ben Berman Compounds
Sally Bliumis-Dunn Biopsy
Ryan Paradiso Ohio hills
Kelle Groom Map of a Woman's Heart
The Great Nebula of Orion
Vedran Husić Tenebrae
The Ballad of Gavrilo Princip
Michael Ansara John Brown has dinner in Concord with Emerson, Thoreau & others
Alan Feldman Molly's Charm
Fiddler Crabs
S.M. Ellis Canticle with Nightlight
Robert Hirschfield Kathmandu Reverie
Jackie Craven Killing Mr. Big
Elizabeth Ferry Ode to my IUD
Lisa Rosinsky Unto the Third and Fourth Generations
Douglas Luman Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Sara Fetherolf I Come Back Mid-Fall
Natalie Homer Montana
Cory Hutchinson-Reuss Passages
Chloe Honum Phoebe
Becky Kennedy Birthday
J.L. Montavon Recursions
Sonya Larson Gabe Dove
Andrea Uptmor A Little Grief
Erica X Eisen Receive Us Every One
Matthew Baker The Worm
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Islanders: House of Lords and Commons by Ishion Hutchinson
Olivia Kate Cerrone Of Love and Class: Love Is No Small Thing by Meghan Kenny
Kasey Jueds Incendiary Hearts: Somewhere in Space by Talvikki Ansel
Jacqueline Kolosov The Way It Goes: Entering History by Mary Stewart Hammond

Fall/Winter 2016-2017

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Issue #43 Contributors