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Issue 44

Cover: “Tangier, Morocco, 2016,” photograph by Mark Wyatt

Issue 44 Contributors

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'Gbenga Adeoba A Funeral Hymn in Falsetto
Sharon Dolin Black Leather Backpack
Margot Wizansky Gypsy Girl
Ellen Doré Watson No Ode
Anne Champion We Can't Breathe
Jessica Greenbaum My Eden Story
The Trees Having Tea above Me
Ode to Polish Forests
Oksana Maksymchuk Safety Concerns
Yves Bonnefoy, tr. by The Children's Theatre
Eric Fishman
Jennifer Franklin Eurydice's Revelation
Jeffrey Harrison Between Lakes
Lucia Cherciu

Mama Culiţa

Christopher Warner Anchor
David Starkey Encomium
L. A. Johnson String Theory
Tatiana Neshumova,

Как живет кипяток на огне,

tr. by J. Kates
Jenneva Kayser Lament
Matthew Dulany Elegy for Zack Flash
George Franklin Night Sky
On a Cold Day
John Greening Chihuly
Laurie Rosenblatt February
Jackson Holbert Self-portrait
Besty Sholl Her Story
The Recital
Brandon Krieg The Monitor
Inherit the Earth
Lesya Bazylewicz Time Capsule
Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow Don't Eat Me
Jacqueline Lyons Epoch Earthquake
Seven-year Quake
Second Quake Today
Steven Ratiner The Material
David Ishaya Osu Crossbreeds
Emily Schulten Our Life a Stereoscope
Ovidio Reyes Claude on My Mind
Julian Stannard I can feel you
Lisa DeSiro Keep an Eye Out
Yosef Rosen Nocturne, Upon a Sea-battered Strand
Mary Kovaleski Byrnes If You Wonder Why the River
Catherine Stearns Strawberry
A Fly of Spit
Marjorie Stelmach Highlights for Children
Emily Tuszynska Firstborn
Sandy Weisman The Saints
The Fallen Angel
Anemone Beaulier Braxton Hicks
Dana Curtis Delirium
George Kalamaras The Book of Perfect Hygiene
A.R. Dugan Owl of Athena
Moira Linehan Lines
Frank Ormsby My Father Again
Cammy Thomas Processor
Julia Shipley Easter | Uprising
Yolanda Castaño,
tr. by Keith Payne
María do Cebreiro, A Note on Sculpture
tr. by Keith Payne
Margo Taft Stever Menopause
Conor Scruton Picking Up Pecans
Hannah Stephenson The Great Humidity of Longing
Mary Crawford Vibiana in the Half-court Set
James Winter The Watchers
Steve Trumpeter The Floatplane
Becky Hagenston The Spectrum of Wonders
Marsha Pomerantz My Father's Teeth
Emily Jaeger Marc Harshman's Believe What You Can; Yehoshua November's Two Worlds Exist; and David Blair's Arsonville
Anna V.Q. Ross Josephine Yu's Prayer Book of the Anxious and Jeanne Marie Beaumont's Letters from Limbo
Jacqueline Kolosov Layli Long Soldier's Whereas and Rebecca Dunham's Cold Pastoral
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Shane McCrae's In the Language of My Captor

Spring/Summer 2017

Issue #44 Contributors
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