This Lightness

Wyn Cooper
| poetry

- in memory of Kurt Brown

It shows tremendous presence

without a lot of weight,

this wine from Côte-Rôtie,


this supermodel from

Marseille who cheats at poker,

legs better than the wine’s,


this lightness in my step

as I step out today

prepared for mystery,


history that happens by

itself, nothing to dampen

my spirit, my Syrah,


my reverie.




Wyn Cooper is the author of four books of poems, most recently Chaos is the New Calm (BOA Editions, 2010), and Postcards from the Interior (BOA Editions, 2005). His poems appear in more than 25 anthologies of contemporary poetry and more than 100 magazines. He has written song lyrics for Sheryl Crow, Madison Smartt Bell, and David Broza, among others. He works as a freelance editor of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from his home in Vermont. More information is at

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