Michael Collins Ghost
Federico Garcia Lorca, trans. by R. Campo The Poet Speaks by Telephone to His Beloved
Carrie Etter Gardens
I Bear Your Ashes
Fred Marchant The Glass Blower's Apprentice
Winter Range
William Kistler Bridge of the City
Alison Woods American Folk Art: The Wife Of A Man Who Was Lynched
Colette Inez Children's Hospital, Hendaye, France
Jessica Goodheart Stick Your Head in the Copier
Sabra Loomis Mary Hoban's Garden
Thom Ward The Revisionist at Work
Allison Hunter Western Pleasure
The Hybridizer
Meg Lindsay Watching the Wall Hangings in the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art
Kurt Leland Processions
Eric E. Hyett Garden
Color Theory
Sharon Kraus How Miracles Work
The Admonishment
Irfan Malik Two Poems
Eugenio de Andrade, trans. by A. Levitin The Dangers of Summer
Lines of Winter
Fiama Hasse Pais Brandao, trans. by A. Levitin I Sing of Rain, of Earth, of Worms
Epistle to a Pergola Covered in Honeysuckle
Epistle for a Bird Always Singing in the Oleander, in Front of the House, at Sunset
Egito Goncalves, trans. by A. Levitin Untitled from Love Letter: Untitled
Herberto Helder, trans. by A. Levitin from Multiple Elegy-III
Jhumpa Lahiri The Key
Sean K. Henry Rosie's Recruit


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