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Issue 48

“Fly By New Jersey” by Remmi Franklin, mixed media, 30 x 36 in.

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David Freeman Elegy as Long as a Summer
Nancy Kassell Parenthesis Enclosing Empty Space
Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad I Gave Him the Moon
Eva Hooker Still Life with Bear and Choke Cherry
Linda Zisquit Raft
S.B. Merrow Big Old
Laurence O'Dwyer Wednesday, 24th May. Litløy Fyr (The Drone)
Jessica Cuello At Five I Burned Down My Grandmother's Bathroom
Ally Covino What Does a Little Hospital Poem Taste Of
Jacquelyn Pope Bedroom in a Borrowed City
Liar, Liar
Kathleen Weaver
Thomas Pfau Mercenary
Tom Holmes Birth Mother's Second Baby
Dan O'Brien Six
Joanna Solfrian Anniversary
Will Cordeiro Day Cycle
John Kinsella and Don Share Crown Decline
Iain Twiddy Broken Fridge
Leslie McGrath The Pink Series
Jennifer Franklin How to Partner a Runner
Julian Stannard Goodbye Blackbird
Emmanuel Merle, tr. by
Peter Brown and Caroline Talpe
Nothing More Now
Kathy Nilsson The Nightingale Floor
Kelly Cressio-Moeller Portent with Moonset & Blackbirds
Sarah M. Brownsberger After the Eruption
Meg Tyler Returning to Belfast
The Sea, Cornwall
Sonia Greenfield Children's 
Laura Sobbott Ross Sparrow
Isaac Ginsberg Miller Resurget Cineribus
The Pattern
Rachel Dragos Budapest
Alison Gaines Plum Brandy
Brian Simoneau Morning Begins with Dark
Megan Waring Easter 2016
Anne-Marie Thompson On Skyline Boulevard
Fred Marchant Guest Editor's Note
David Blair Is Writing Helpful?
Kevin Bowen The Old Masters
Andrea Cohen Bears Repeating
Martha Collins Passing
John F. Deane On the Mountain
Valerie Duff Fry's Spring Filling Station
Nick Flynn Saint Augustine
Danielle Legros Georges Green Offering
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson Untaught, I Knew
Jeffrey Harrison Recovery
Alexander Blok, tr. by Jim Henle Untitled
Jane Hirshfield Now a Darkness is Coming
Joan Houlihan My bird, myself
Fanny Howe End-Song
Maxine Hong Kingston Selected Haiku for Jenny
Yusef Komunyakaa from The Last Bohemian of Avenue A
Frannie Lindsay Louise
Heather Madden Things I don't say in order to explain mortality to my three-year-old son
Gail Mazur Ravine
Jill McDonough What Matters
Martha Rhodes The House Barely, Nakedly, Burningly
David Rivard I Say I Don't Know
Anna V.Q. Ross All Hallows
Aimée M. Sands Corridor
Lloyd Schwartz My Doctor's Death
Kathleen Spivack First warm day
Kim Stafford Lost & Found People
Jacob Strautmann Buffalo Creek
Daniel Tobin Dusk, Empire
Afaa M. Weaver Taking Sam Cornish for Meatloaf Near Park Street Stop
Parmenides, tr. by Gary Whited Listen
Jessica Greenbaum A Bouquet for J
Terry Dubow To Kill a Child
Gabriel Houck Tyrant Birds
Kalila Holt Favorite
Michael Czyzniejewski With Nuts
Art Portfolio
Remmi Franklin Aerial Images
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Stinging Nettles: Bad Harvest by Dzvinia Orlowsky
Kasey Jueds No Other Way Out of Away: House is an Enigma by Emma Bolden
Katie Sticca Take Me Home, Country Roads: Let Me Out Here:
by Emily W. Pease
Anna V.Q. Ross The Art of Seeing: The Arrangements by Kate Colby

Spring/Summer 2019

Issue #49 Contributors
Issue #48 Contributors