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Issue 45

“Snow Flake” by Kikki Ghezzi, oil on linen, 67 x 67 cm, 26 x 26 inches, 2015.

Issue 45 Contributors

Issue 45 - Current

David Ferry At a Restaurant
Alex Andriesse In Which We Speak
Robert Cording Soleil & Suns
Beach Path
Kristen Bulger Marian Apparition
Suzanne E. Berger Annunciation
Kirun Kapur Kyphosis
Beverly Burch Invocation to Time/No Time
John F. Deane Redcurrants 
Laurence O'Dwyer The Patriotic Blues 
Craig Blais 1996: A Novel
Julie Hanson Squall Line Stalling in a Memory of Rain
Martha Collins In Time

Angie Macri As if night knew and understood it had no hands,
Carolyn Guinzio The balance
The map
Adam J. Gellings The Cars

Jared Harél The Frogs
Kasey Jueds Small Music
Marc Harshman Inland Sea
Andrew Koch Chorus of Nettles
Betsy Johnson-Miller The things we do for love 
Gary Sokolow Two Nests 
Katie Farris Death on the Other Hand 
Richard Hoffman Trapdoor 
Ricardo Pau-Llosa Echo
Rachel Cloud Adams Anchor and Cave
Jessica Lieberman Tied 
Lola Haskins European Stag Beetle
Jill McDonough Lundi Gras at Commander's Palace
Daniel Tobin Fable of the Alternative Fact 
Frances Richey Thinking of Bruno As Night Comes to the 28th Floor 
Marty McConnell the center 
Nina Lindsay Governed 
Derek N. Otsuji Deliverance
Getting the Melons to Market 
Sarah Rubin Grandmother 
David Koenig A Prayer for Bana 
Ben Swimm Communion
Robert Russell The Maid's Story
Holly Guran Insomnia
Jessica Terson Miracle
Kevin McLellan Dis / arming
The North Sky
Peter Krumbach The Fruit Flies
E. Kristin Anderson The queen is supposed to have an escort.
Christine Jones A Strand of Hair Curled Like a Nautilus on a Page of Rumi
Amy Jo Trier-Walker Downward, Domeward
Cindy Veach Mary Easty: Hanged September 22, 1692
Tom Phan Village Folklore
Lori Wilson Refugium
Ye Lijun, tr. by Fiona Sze-Lorrain Dry Season 
João Luís Barreto Guimarães, tr. by Calvin Olsen The Quotidian Life of the Soul
The Argonauts in Oia
Lesley Wheeler All-purpose Spell for Banishment
Douglas Collura Your Great Busyness
Ronald Dzerigian Our School Colors
Margie Bloom Hollow
John Patrick McShea The Good Old Boys Learn a Thing or Two about Digging and in the Meanwhile Aristotle Calls Some Bullshit "Aether" or Maybe "Quintessence" 
Neha Chaudhary-Kamdar Seventeen Things about My Friend Farzana
Jared Lipof Mastermind / 2017 Fiction Second Prize
Cady Vishniac Girls Girls Girls / 2017 Fiction First Prize
Erica X Eisen The View from the Necropolis 
Lizzie Reinhard You've Got to Be Good to People 
Drew Swinger  Here As I Am: The Aeneid by Virgil, translated by David Ferry
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Geographies: Cold Storage by Keith Althaus and Spill by Kelle Groom 

Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Issue #45 Contributors
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