Past Issue

Issue 38

Cover Art

“Big Changes”

by Scott Addis

Issue 19.2 Contributors

Beth Woodcome Platow Mooring
The Door
Dan Beachy-Quick Ode on a Mountain
José Angel Araguz Advice
Stephen Gibson On a Tapestry Copy of Guido Reni's Slaughter of the Innocents
Marsha Pomerantz Ping
Tomasz Różycki, tr. by Mira Rosenthal But I Am Not Here
Susan Cohen In Her Eyes
Wyn Cooper This Lightness
Joey Kingsley Solo: Traveler's Lid
Threshing Time
Brandon Krieg Fireweed
Martha Carlson-Bradley Book of Three Leaves
New-England Primer
J. L. Conrad Blood Orange
Christina Olson The Residents of the Last House on Highway 158 in Point Harbor, North Carolina, Addresses Vacationers Headed to the Outer Banks
Three-Month Anniversary
Lesley Wheeler Long Distance
Changming Yuan Y, Y
Kim Stafford Why I Was Medieval as a Child
Saudamini Siegrist Kansas Promise
Laurie Filipelli Wife's Song
Kathleen McGookey Long White Hallway
Dian Duchin Reed How Your Leaving Left Me
Adam Tavel Halloween Vespers with Homemade Vader
Kim Farrar To My Old Lewis Turco The Book of Forms
Virginia Heiserman The Nineties
Tim Mayo Every Poet Needs a Brother
Daniel Bănulescu, tr. by
Adam J. Sorkin and Lidia Vianu
University Square
Jonathan Barrett After Reading an Article on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
The Thought of Death is Overwhelming
Leslie McGrath Brotherhood and the Strait Jacket
David Johnson Praying in Bedlam
Amy Wright Collage of Headshots of Thirty Dragonfly Species
Adam Wiedewitsch Butterfly Testament
Christopher Merrill Against History
Colin Pope If You Ever Become a Paper Doll
Eric McHenry The Song of Stationary Nathan
Assisted Living
The Darker Grass
Five-Legged Spider
Pamela Greenberg Words, No Words
Ben Berman Re Form
Elaine Terranova Embedded
Kay Cosgrove & Lauren Hilger Flour
Gwenn A. Nusbaum In Her Hive
James Grabill The Idea of Throwing Tires
Annie Rudy In Pieces
Cindy Hunter Morgan Omar D. Conger, 1922
Black River
Henry Clay
1851 Lake Erie
Moira Linehan Ladies Union
Balling Yarn
Andrea Moorhead From a hospital bed
Charles Harper Webb Ordeals
Edith Goldenhar The Two Bettys
Steven Cramer A Poe Moment
Tracy Zeman Grist
Charlie Clark Devil Says the Word "Sedulous"
Devil Watching Football
Matthew Dulany Black Friday
Fani Papageorgeiou Unhitching
Matt Morton Fermata
Art Nahill Crosswords
Alan Feldman A Little Ode to Television
Alice Elliott Dark DDT
Carys Davies Miracle at Hawk's Bay
Joe Neal Jimmy's Day Off
TaraShea Nesbit Where the River Makes a Noise
Aviya Kushner Reclaiming the Self: Door of Thin Skins by Shira Dentz
Jacob Strautmann The Letting Go: Portal by Mary Pinard
Jacqueline Kolosov In Darkness I Throw Open the Door: Black Stars by Ngo Tu Lap, tr. by Martha Collins and Ngo Tu Lap
Anna Ross Sad Gargantuans: Striven, The Bright Treatise by Jeffrey Pethybridge
Issue Nineteen-Two Contributors
Issue Nineteen Contributors