Ostrich Takes the Stage

Monique Zamir
| poetry


The ostrich will give itself its own name,

anoint itself in pearls, stare in the mirror

as it dresses and undresses its body.


The ostrich enjoys a spectacle,

draws attention to itself: bedazzled


sunglasses, a smirk, a dance number.

It hums a rabid melody, reverberant

as a marrow bone. Incandescent

as a carnation. A brass lamp


free-falls onto shag carpet.

The ostrich whistling all the while.


The ostrich never looks at itself the same way twice.


Its gaze always shifts from lounge singer to swallow’s song

to star-struck and croaking. In a mirror, it wears


a wig: a black, curly bob, squeezes its feathers

because no one else does. A rose hip in the cornfield,

the ostrich grows weary of itself.

Monique Zamir‘s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Fifth Wednesday Journal, Mikrokosmos, Falchion Publications, Lunch Ticket, and others. She is a graduate from Oklahoma State University where she completed her MFA in poetry, and has received an honorable mention from the Academy of American Poets Scholarship for her poem, “Even the Stone Will Keep.” From New York, Monique lives in Austin, TX.

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