Salamander 2024 Fiction Contest

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Marian Apparition

Kristen Bulger
| poetry


At times we believe

we have been wronged, so perfectly

and bankrupted, that someone must

come to redress us


and does so—

a stranger appearing

who reveals an exit door

inside a still life

scene of tables,

in a darkly draped room,

a stranger like this one

who holds an apricot

to my mouth. One that I’ve

been staring at for hours,

so to consecrate my mouth

as a shrine for protection.


Such joy to not give that fruit

the kind of death

it desired—it felt like I had a plan.

But really most of us

need to be slapped.

Kristen Bulger is a poet from New Hampshire and currently lives in Boston, MA. She is a recent graduate of the MFA program at the University of New Hampshire. Her work has appeared in Houseguest, Superstition Review, and elsewhere.

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