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Joseph Spece
| poetry


In this habit of rotting

the root fails to make do.


Wide blueblack straits

spied from the shore

recall this darling

aporia of mine.


I’m to be given thus

a crozier, I’ll wander to meet

an elder grown so wise she’s

taken leaf;

and on that barrow

spirit will slip free from body,

quite azure.


On that barrow

body will see the body

in summary,

put hand to his throat as if


a sentence had caught there.


Joseph Spece is editor at Sharkpack Poetry Review. His poems and fiction have recently appeared in Agni, 3:A M, Berfrois, Orion, and Tri-Quarterly. His first book of poems, Roads (Cherry Grove), was published in 2013.

when as a grown up, instead of
“Heavier than age”