Re Form

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  Not starting from scratch but with a scratch of certain measures. *** Think of the voltage lurking behind the simplest of switches. *** Best to be charged by—not with—violating a rule. *** Long after the rush of new paths … Read More

The Letting Go: Portal by Mary Pinard

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Portal by Mary Pinard (Salmon Poetry, 2014).   When writing poetry about traumatic loss, words advance and retreat glacier-like, leaving writer and reader inexorably changed through engagements with form, the new shapes natural processes yield, the landscape that grief and … Read More

A Little Ode to Television

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  After the disorder of my days, and in the defeat of my evenings, I love the quiet, revocable suicide of television, especially British detective shows, where everyone is driving cooperatively on the left, but the devoted detective has broken … Read More


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  I’m hunting for a bird containing Z whose feathers were once used as money by the Mayans whose ending can lead me down a stream which Caesar once crossed in northern Italy while across mountains beginning with A lies … Read More


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  As space expands, so too we’re pulled apart. We slip along curvatures, find ourselves sucked through wormholes back into discarded days. We meet our younger selves, refrain from asking them what we don’t want to know, the backyard somehow … Read More

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