A Cardinal, Hurling Himself at My Window

Meredith Davies Hadaway
| poetry


I’m told he sees his own reflection in the glass
as a competitor, a bird he must face down—

I’m not so sure. This morning, there’s the sound
again—despite a sleep-soaked overcast,

the house still dark inside. Thwap!—a blast
of beak so loud it echoes all around

the kitchen where I dump my coffee grounds
into the sink—tap, tap, tap—a last

clump clings to the filter. Thwap!—another
protest. A fierce red warning at the blurred

edge between his world and mine. Thwap!—see?
My outline floats above the sill. His hovers.

Meredith Davies Hadaway is the author of Fishing Secrets of the Dead, The River is a Reason, and At the Narrows (forthcoming from Word Poetry, 2015).

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