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Issue 47

Salamander Magazine Issue 47 Cover

“Winter” by Neta Goren, oil on canvas, 20 x 28 inches.

Issue 47 Contributors

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Dana Alsamsam un/folding
Teresa Cader As Daylight Once Was
David Ferry Household God
Stephen Ackerman September Song
Kathryn Merwin The Persistence of Memory
Travis Truax Prying Oklahoma from a Song
George Kalogeris Hallucination
Caroline Chavatel Ways in Which the Daughter Is Imagined
Heather Christle The Waking Life
Jen Karetnick Anatomy of a Shipwreck in the Mediterranean
Duo Yu. tr. by Villain
Fiona Sze-Lorrain
Maya Bailey-Clark Grown
Jacob Lindberg Nailing the Steps for a Tree Fort
W.J. Herbert Seamless Bead
Steven Cramer Elegy to My Family
Michael Ansara The Only Migratory Mollusk (the scallop)
Daniel Lusk The Palmist
AD Tenn Immigrant Suicide
M.J. Bender Waiting for My Mother to Drive Me to School, I Opened the Glove Compartment 
Rebecca Foust Compline
Charles W. Brice The Beggars
The Land of Cockaigne
Allison Hraban Witness
Joshua Jones When I return home
Diane Mehta Ankles Like Ancient Birds
Immortal Stories
Alison Pelegrin Our Lady of Last Words
Yudit Shahar, tr. by Forty-nine
Aviya Kushner Eighteen Years After He Left the World
Open It
Jill Pearlman Armageddon Blues
Gail Mazur At Land's End
Joshua Martin Self-portrait
Jacquelyn Malone The Presence of Stasis
Jessica Greenbaum A Day Here
Ode to You
Dennis Hinrichsen [body farm][soul photograph / double exposure] {late light}
Joyce Wilson Lingering Signs of Drought
Tanya Grae A Sting Hovers in My Window
Fred Marchant From a Tree above the Liffey
On a Collage by Peter Sacks
Heather Sellers My Mother Reading a Book on Dying
Gardner McFall Hawk
Josh Weston Meteor
Wendy Drexler On the A Train, Manhattan
Joshua Michael Stewart January Praise
Peter Grandbois This mad dance
Benjamin Stillerman Head to expose
Dai Weina, Night Flight
Liang Yujing
Vincent Poturica Confessions
George Franklin Vienna 1933-34
Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley The Weight of Mourning
Susan Nisenbaum Becker After Khe Sanh
Keith Woodruff Phoebe
Joyce Peseroff Missing Hiker Kept Journal of Her Ordeal
Ira Sadoff Emendation
Stranded on Old US 1, Appling, Georgia
Jeanine Walker Fog
Vismai Rao Roots
Paul Rowe Hyacinth Gaze
Matthew Porto Siren
Rage Hezekiah In the Walk-in
Rosebud Ben-Oni {and the little graces}
Adam Tavel Playing Dead
Elizabeth Knapp Meditation
Heather Treseler Cinder
Ceridwen Hall Tigger
Jennifer Clarvoe Ode on a Fibroid Infarction
Robert Hirschfield Trans-Boy Rising
J. Bailey Hutchinson Learning to Swim in the Mississippi
Brian Timmerman Lifeguard Elegy
Hilary Sideris Yuletide
Matthew Dougherty Tokoloshe
Heather De Bel Listening to Birds
Kate Lister Campbell Interstate
Oona Patrick Salvage
Grace Talusan The Body Papers
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Hand in Hand: No Small Gift by Jennifer Franklin
Jeffrey Brown Implacable: Thomas Bernhard: Collected Poems, tr. by James Reidel
Drew Swinger Among the Ruins: Guide to Greece by George Kalogeris
Katie Sticca The Forest and the Trees: Come West and See by Maxim Loskutoff
Jacqueline Kolosov Labyrinths and Cathedrals: Outside is the Ocean by Matthew Lansburgh

Fall/Winter 2018-2019

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