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Issue 41

“Dahlia,” 2015 photograph by Suzette Barbier

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Asnia Asim Who Are You, Brother?
Alberto de Lacerda We Speak of Forget-Me-Nots
Martha Collins Exposition/Expose/Exposure
Chard de Niord Intensest Rendezvous, On Encountering a Friend with Little Time
Edison Dupree Paint on Clay: Homage to the Mimbres
Gail Mazur Ur-Dream
On Jane Cooper's "The Green Notebook"
Patricia Gray The New Metaphysics
Margaret Hanshaw Etruscan Vase
Carrie Bennett Expedition Notes 13
Kimberly Kemler County Fair
On the Indian River
Jessica Greenbaum To Bill Zavatsky
Ode to a Potato Masher
Charles D. Coe mnemonic
Jean-Pierre Chambon The Realm
The Canal
Benjamin Goldberg Manic Aubade
Time Capsule: Summer, 2001
Wyn Cooper What I Might Have Done
Christopher Nelson Landscape with Parallax
Laurin Becker Macios Spring
Yun Wang August Dream
Face on Mars
David Wagoner Air
Hope Wabuke Deuteronomy
Dawn Potter Lingua Franca
Luz Pichel Where Will the Barn Swallows Go?
We Didn't Drink Much Milk
Alamgir Hashmi Occasion
Rachel Heimowitz Drive
Fire Woman
Linda Stern Zisquit Psalmwork
José Angel Araguz Odin and the Runes
Sarah Huener Zagreb, November
Maja Lukic In a Foreign City in July
Sean Thomas Dougherty Poem Written in My Breath in the Bathroom Mirror
Some of the Hidden Things No One Wants to Talk About While Saying Goodbye
Deborah J. Bennett Laundry
Jehanne Dubrow At the Reading of the Antiwar Poets
Gabrielle Campagnano Waste and Want
Joyce Wilson Cairo Seen Again
Hannah Baker Saltmarsh Navigation Without Instruments
Adam Scheffler A Walk on the Beach
Barbara Helfgott Hyett Steeplechase
Rebecca van Laer Sad Girl on a Bicycle
Lindsay Stuart Hill Pastoral
Joelle Jameson Genealogy
Mariya Deykute Disobedience
Wendy Mnookin In the Small Rotary
The 58th Street Library
John McAuliffe On Earth
Sally Houtman Lessons of Dark and Light
Jason Tandon At the Orchard
James Norcliffe The Tennis Ball
Jennifer Newhouse Crossing
Stephen Gibson X-Factors: De Chirico
Ralph Sneeden Triptych: Portrait at Fifteen with Dog Swimming in Foreground
Christopher Munde Les Amours à l’Encan
Rupendra Guha Majumdar Searching for an eBook in the Spring
Kevin King Obit: Domenico Leccisi, 88, 'The Body Snatcher'
David White Incident Behind a Garbage Truck
Jackie Craven The Folded Paper Game
Mary LaChapelle
(2015 Fiction Prize)
Floating Garden
John Mauk
(2015 Honorable Mention)
The Hooligan Present
Erica X Eisen Second Eden
Steven Fromm Finding Dashwani
Nicholas Mainieri Mercy
Gabriel Levin Our Sorrow and Our Love Move into a Foreign Language: Constantine Cavafy, Jacqueline Kahanoff, and Ahmed Rassim
Valerie Duff-Strautmann RadioStay: Stay by Kathleen McGookey;
by Lesley Wheeler
Jacqueline Kolosov Between Lives: Cities I've Never Lived In: Stories by Sara Majka
Adam Day In Motion: Not So Ill with You and Me by Fani Papageorgiou
Julian Zabalbeascoa Forgetting, Remembering: All That Followed by Gabriel Urza
Emily Jaeger Mapping: The Grammar of God by Aviya Kushner

Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Issue 42
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