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Issue 17.1

Cover art

“Still Life with Five Bottles”
by Samuel Bak

Samuel Bak is an artist who was born in Vilnius, Lithuania (then Poland) in 1933. Having survived the Holocaust, he lived and worked in Tel Aviv, Paris, Rome, New York, and Lausanne. In 1993 he settled in Massachusetts and became an American citizen. He exhibits internationally. His memoir, Painted in Words, was translated into several languages.

Benjamin Sutton from Refutations by Memory
Hillary C. Katz Flood
Sarah Chace Cupid & Psyche
Yi Lu, tr. from the Chinese by Fiona Sze-Lorrain My Own Sea
Nancy Carol Moody Arcs of Detachment
In the Beginning
Tory Adkisson Cicadas
Peter Ludwin Lima Hotel
Andrea Scarpino Unemployment Reaches Record Highs
Richard Sime Star City
Brett Foster My Favorite, Most Savage Irony
“Suspicious Incident” at the Canal
Albert Abonado Birdbrain
On Time
Roland Pease Stick Figures
Kathleen Balma A Tour of Pompeii’s Red Light District
William Neumire Think of the missiles
Allan Peterson Believers
Marie Gauthier Motherless
Joel F. Johnson The Sequence of Belief
Binh Nguyen Souffle au Coeur
Jeanne Marie Beaumont The Five Outer Feathers
Josefine Klougart, tr. by Alexander Weinstein No Colors are Foreign
Katherine Hollander Song for John
Linda Katherine Cutting Vagabond
Lori Wilson Canna Red and Orange
Frannie Lindsay Photo Rescued from a Red Leatherette Scrapbook
How to Find Words for an Elegy
Catherine Morocco I Steered Clear
Amos Jasper Wright Pigeon House and Barn, 1827
Susan Goslee For hundreds each evening
Catherine Stearns Outside Cape Girardeau
Joyce Wilson Cairo Scenes: Girl in Blue
Nancy Botkin Paris Fugue
G. L. Grey For Grace Hubble
Jingan, tr. by David Lunde & Mary M.Y. Fung Watching the Waterfall at Ten Thousand Foot Cliff on Xuedou Peak
Natalie Bryant Rizzieri Filament
William Palmer Late October
Hester Kaplan The Aerialist
Kelly Luce The Blue Demon of Ikumi
Rachel Kadish Beauty
Brandi Wells The Boy
Valerie Duff-Strautmann Heaven and Earth: Barbara Ras’s The Last Skin and Daniel Tobin’s Belated Heavens
Catherine Parnell Complicit: Shannon Cain’s The Necessity of Certain Behaviors

WINTER 2011/2012

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