John McCarthy
| poetry

The word ‘bloom’ is a grenade.
Pull out the L-pin, and boom.


The dandelion turns into a piñata,
confetti blizzard; exploding


is an efficient way to start pollinating.
Plant landmines in the garden bed.


Don’t keep off grass. Be beautiful
all season. Take care of efflorescence,


but when fruition comes, make sure
no one gets complacent with your design.


Rip it apart. Scatter prepositions.
Spring comes with an influx of wingspan


and disappears with quiet fireworks.
Refuse to let your perennials fit


the routine occasion. A cannon’s barrel
is the perfect place to plant a flower.


Load the language in root
gun powder and blossom

John McCarthy’s poetry and prose have appeared in The First Line, The Conium Review, Popshot Magazine (UK), and The Lindenwood Review, among others. He lives in Springfield, Illinois, where he is the Assistant Editor of Quiddity International Literary Journal and Public-​​Radio Program.

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