Eurydice’s Revelation

Jennifer Franklin
| poetry

after Rodin


You never loved me. If
it were really me whom


you adored, not just
the sound of your own


voice, you should have
been able to listen—


follow that one command
not to look back before


we were together again
in the light, lavender


tulips at our feet, open
as the cavern’s voracious


mouth. All the days you
sang to me with your deep


voice, were you singing
for yourself? Even when


you called after me, every
syllable of my Sapphic


name ringing in my ears,
you were a more skilled actor


than you believed, playing
the role of lover, pretending


that all you wanted was my
mouth on yours. Instead, you


sought fame—all nightingales
to imitate your song.

Jennifer Franklin (AB Brown, MFA Columbia) is the author of No Small Gift (Four Way Books, 2018). Her poetry has appeared widely in publications including Blackbird, Boston Review, Gettysburg ReviewThe Nation, Paris Review, “poem-a-day” on, Poetry Daily, Prairie Schooner, and Verse Daily.

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