Endless Dictations

Christopher Brean Murray
| poetry


pour down like rain on the roof tiles

of a house on the outskirts of the city

we once lived in before the war dispersed

our possessions to the four or five winds

that scour the horizon or swirl within

the abandoned swimming pool where we

floated as we were bronzed by the ceaseless

sun that warmed the soil and induced

seeds to crack and sprout and soon

the whole region swelled with growth

and fruits were ushered to market upon

the heads of the local women who laughed

and some went with young soldiers one

of whom was killed by a girl’s bitter brother

a knife stabbed in the gut was jerked upward

until innards spilled yet sublime music filled

courtyards and even the old hermit emerged

to depict the festival in watercolors that did not

so much describe the sky as dictate

its possibilities to the day itself which was

long and heat-drenched and filled with

a sun-bequeathed hope that was perhaps

only dream for events would unfold regardless

of desires and the young husband who today

vaults the laughing child to his shoulders

tomorrow drowns as his skiff is flipped by

a sudden fist of wind yet life continues

his shattered bride will either adapt or perish

like the indigo butterflies that migrate

to their usual spot only to find it paved

so they flutter nervously from one fence

to another until somehow a collective decision

is made and they vanish like a fleeting thought

Christopher Brean Murray’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in jubilat, Third Coast, Puerto del Sol, CutBank, and Fou. He is the online poetry editor of Gulf Coast and is a candidate in the PhD program in Creative Writing at the University of Houston.

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