Salamander Fiction Contest Winners

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  Cady Vishniac is the winner of the 2017 Salamander Fiction Contest with her story “Girls Girls Girls,” and Jared Lipof is the second-place winner with his story “Mastermind.” Of the winning stories, judge Chris Castellani wrote:   “Of the many fine stories … Read More

Salamander Fiction Contest 2017 Results

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Winner Cady Vishniac, “Girls Girls Girls” Honorable Mention Jared Lipof, “Mastermind” Finalists Michael Mark, “A Good Man” Laura Farnsworth, “Carlsbad” Tom Howard, “Scarecrows” Neha Chaudhary-Kamdar, “Seventeen Things About My Friend Farzana” Trish Reeves, “The Day After Christmas” Erica Eisen, “The … Read More


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  In the morning which is a hill in yellow April without you I enter the light that’s angling   against half a year’s winter; wisteria’s tangled in the bittersweet. Sunfall trying to get at   something under gorse. And … Read More


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  It’s evening; the sun is slipping in the colored sky over the mall lot and the stores are closing; shoppers push their last things across the tarmac. It’s your tenth birthday; when I asked you what you wanted you … Read More


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  At the clinic, a nurse taps my veins and they find their tiny voices. Blood sweeps into the vial and a chunk of snow slides from my boot. The shine on the linoleum floor is brutal, but no one … Read More


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  The power plant howls everyone’s hour, portions labor and myth.   A salsa quintet rehearses on the plaza stage.   The figure on someone’s tablet screen says, we now, for the first time in history, have a candidate for … Read More


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  This entry is about the U.S. state of Montana. For other uses, see Montana (disambiguation). “Big Sky Country” redirects here. For the song by Chris Whitley, see Big Sky Country (song).   1. Etymology       1.1 Big … Read More


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  My kidney snarls at the white wand’s wet nose shoving lovingly into my side, taking   the hipbone-path, sliding west, and I still don’t know why   I’m here with my dress pulled up to my chest, on the … Read More

I Come Back Mid-Fall

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  Whatever it is that holds the chloroform rag to my mouth at midnight and goes out came back   Saturday morning inside my snooze-bar dream as a white fox,   and entered me by the soles of my feet, … Read More

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