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She writes at night when sleeping is no longer an option. Words explode in her head like artillery fire in a war miles away, incursions, movements in the darkness, the promise, still invisible, of collateral damage. She tries to stay … Read More

Bubble Time

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  Today his world was not serene, because just before lunch, Menser lost his cuff key. A pleasing day would be O’Brien working on Max with enough Bubble time to end each shift, driving straight to the gym while sipping … Read More

The Use of Pain

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  Pinning As a child I was terrified of bugs, so I made illustrated catalogs of them. Encounters with real insects meant tears and fits, yet I forced myself to confront them on paper. Drawing as ritual: I would lay … Read More

The Sound of the Crashing

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  Who’s to say what prompted this. Who’s to say if this display of bodily might, this performance of scorned womanhood, is justified, justifying some wrongdoing, some emotion repressed. The skin of his cheek is still red and supple through … Read More

The Blue Bull of Bayou Bonne Chance

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  Maidencane isn’t half as elegant as it sounds. Not even close. When I came across the plant’s name in a copy of Gulf Coast Flora I had checked out from the library—the first to do so since 1976—I had … Read More

In Reno

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  In Reno, coyotes toss half-dead rabbits in the air with their mouths while the pack yips and sings. Emily watches them and listens. The rabbits tumble and spin in the air like jumpers from a burning building who land … Read More

Salamander Fiction Contest 2019 Results

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Winner Christina Leo, “The Blue Bull” Second Place Michael Howerton, “Hopewell” Finalists Catalina Bode, “A Bedroom in the Kitchen” Shubha Venugopal, “Belonging” Steven Fromm, “Po-Ya 6” Ethan Feuer, “Quartering winds” Joyce Li, “The Boxer” Holly Menino, “The Boy’s Horse” Craig … Read More

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