The Storming of Forestswarm

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  He called it the new house, but it was very old. The landlord wouldn’t say exactly. He’d said it was built in 1920 or 1900 or, once, “the late 1800s.” William wasn’t sure if he was being cagey or … Read More

Eulogy for Bao Bayun

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  Today we mourn our great leader. A loss of great consequence: how hungry our stomachs, how boring our stories, how cold our campfires will be. No one knows when he arrived on this land. Some say he came when … Read More

One Fight after Another

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  Dolores, nearing the end of her second ambulance shift of the week, sits in a plastic lawn chair outside the back of the fire station. Between calls she often hangs around there, away from the television in the common … Read More


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  By the summer of 1993, my father had had enough of the war and decided it was time for a vacation. “We’ve been locked up for two years now, making food out of powder. Milk, mashed potatoes, soup,” he … Read More

The baby was perfect and

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  the labor nurse said, He’s got hair! while Todd looked between his fingers from across the room and I wiped the fluid glistening off Nicholas’s pink forehead, touched his shock of dark hair, like Todd’s, but his face was … Read More

the fury

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  The bus is a bull—pausing, lurching, exploding, charging, bucking, buckling. Ride the bus. Ride the bull. Ride the wave. Every seat is taken, even the ones that face each other and make Mami and I dizzy. The floor is … Read More

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