The Eye of the Hagstone

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  The Black River ripples up from the limestone beneath the Ozark Mountains. Standing in its shallows, watching small fry dash and school just beyond the ripples of my steps, I found a rock the size of my palm with … Read More

Mr. Forble

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    The trees seemed to hunch closer as darkness fell. Something—a mouse, or maybe a squirrel—emitted a high-pitched shriek, and Marta startled. An owl, she thought. The notion of being seen by something invisible, a creature swooping noiselessly onto … Read More

Moon Song

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Mikayla convinced Andy to close the set with “Moon Song (Wouldya Look at That, Dolores),” and it is landing like shit. This is a Tranq Sea bar, packed with tourists who have been off-planet two weeks at most. They don’t … Read More

Objects Do Not Fall

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    I. In his entire life, Brother Giorgio has never once thought about rocks falling from the sky. In fact, no one in Milan knows that a stone, like the plum-sized one presently several miles above the city, can … Read More


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    The emergency evacuation alert is followed by a serene twenty seconds in which I decide to remove the eggs from their ice bath. It’s the simplest action available to me, and I know I can do it well. … Read More

Salamander Issue #49 Release Party

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  Please join Salamander for the Issue #49 Release Party   Thursday, February 20, 2020 6 PM Suffolk University Poetry Center Mildred F. Sawyer Library, 3rd Floor 73 Tremont Street, Boston Please join us to celebrate the release of Salamander #49, … Read More

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