Welcome to the new issue!

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We hope you enjoy the new issue now and over the next months as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. Watch this space in the next weeks, as some of our writers talk about the genesis of their pieces.

Girls Girls Girls

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  Elkie trusts Don absolutely. He’s a cross between a boyfriend and a father, though Elkie knows boyfriends and fathers aren’t supposed to be the same thing, and he’s not at all like a regular client. But then one Sunday … Read More

The View from the Necropolis

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  The officials have asked us to redo the museum: walking through the ruins of the Greek settlement, they poke at the stones with their feet, render instructions to me without looking up. I stand at a remove from them, … Read More


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   I’m awake again 5 a.m. walking around the house again bare feet on unsealed tiles            again sleep crusts eyes morning’s ritual becomes clang clang putting pots away          I should brush my messy hair stop to eat & … Read More

Our School Colors

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  Logan, you took your glass eye out for me.                   It wasn’t the taking out that I needed   to see, but the pink folds beneath. We            … Read More

Your Great Busyness

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                      I am unable to lead a life based on illusion.   –Eleanor Roosevelt   Blue eyes, lustrous hair and unfortunate chin. Many hats, many papers. Your alcoholic father took … Read More

All-purpose Spell for Banishment

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  A pox on _______ and the gerrymander he rode in on. Expel, export, exile him while we waft sage-smoke around. At this zero hour, as our wombs contract under the moon, cast him out, groper / loomer / cheater … Read More

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