Welcome to Salamander #47

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Salamander #47 is here! Get a taste for the issue by reading excerpts (see button above). If you don’t have the issue yet, we strongly encourage you to purchase a subscription or a copy. You’ll find stories by the first- … Read More


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When my evangelical cousin texts You must never have witnessed a miracle my mind goes to Doug punting the basketball. We were ten. He kicked it a good thirty yards, uphill, meaning only to get it to me — this … Read More

Trans-Boy Rising

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  Hair chopped short as it will get. The risen boy practices forgetting as the pilgrim does. He is a vocabulary of starlings and salt.    

[body farm] [soul photograph/double exposure] [late light]

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                                                after Sally Mann                          —silk and honey the hair is after so much rain // but not the skin // the skin is coral // leaf-torn & bee-pitted // humped up & sloping to where the neck is vapor // … Read More


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  Let the wind whip a canvas with coffee grounds and leaves, the easel upright on a porch with boards missing like molars. Give the wind time and pigment: the reedmace-colored whiskey my grandfather hid in his overcoat, the pistol-black … Read More


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  Another haunting symptom her late Dementia Won’t let me forget. I mean that night I found her Sitting straight up in bed. All glassy-eyed: “Look at him. Oh look at how tired he is. My father. He has to … Read More

Head to expose

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  only after a thorough comparison                   of clutch and diet,              with meager fruit and seed                  regimens avoided                                 (before I attempt a change of nest)                                        ° °              with what deliberation                 do you deposit food               deep … Read More

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