And a Car Turns Down a Street

Yehoshua November
| poetry


And a car turns down a street

for the final time,

its service puttering to an end.

A man sits on his bed,

puts on his shoes for—what will be—

the final time. He will leave

his home while it is still dark. The accountant

fills out the last form of the season and reaches

for his jacket, shutting the office lights.

The rabbi takes off his glasses

and squints once more—

but only once more—

at the script lines of commentary

running alongside the page of Talmud

his father taught him to read

many years ago, in another country.

Yehoshua November is the author of God’s Optimism, which was named a finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize in Poetry. His work has appeared in The Sun, Virginia Quarterly Review, Prairie Schooner, and on The Writer’s Almanac.  He teaches at Rutgers University and Touro College.

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