The Root of All

poetry 0
Natasha Sajé


burns a hole in your head
sprouts wings and flies
won’t bark up the right

unless you shell out or marry it
hand over fist penny wise or not
occasionally pound dumb

after a certain yearly sum it can’t buy
you know what but up to then
finders keepers losers

reapers picking millet from a field
or apples from the cart upset
during short sell and hell to pay

someday not today I’ll take
bruised ones fallen
into gutters so as not to lose

my skirt or need to pluck
a tin spoon from a sow’s ear
I want more but won’t bite

the fingers that squeeze me
time is not blood from a turnip
so pay as you go or go as you wish

chew the bacon
and bring it home like my hand-
knit sweater bought on thrift

that will burn when I do
since it can’t pass
through the eye of a needle

Natasha Sajé is the author of three books of poems, including Vivarium; a postmodern poetry handbook, Windows and Doors: A Poet Reads Literary Theory; and a memoir-in-essays, Terroir: Love, Out of Place. She teaches at Westminster College in Salt Lake City and in the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing Program.