She Who Eats Everything

poetry 0
Michele Sharpe


He seems lost, although he’s four-square on the trail,
maybe an abandoned, lonely male, a yearling
whose mother kicked him out to give
her time for this spring’s fawns. If you read up


on white-tailed deer, you’ll find a lauding
of the bucks for sparring, rut behavior,
aggression, competition, dominance,
trophy racks and size. Predictable—


more so than trail-cam footage of a doe
caught snuffling a woven net installed
to keep a forest study site pristine.
A sparrow caught there struggles in the webbing,


until the doe’s lips quiver on the bird’s wings,
and she swallows it whole.

Michele Sharpe, a poet and essayist, is an adoptee, high school dropout, and former trial attorney. A graduate of Suffolk University Law School, she’s written for The New York Times, Witness, The Washington Post, Poets & Writers, and other publications.